20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Organized for three months service in May, 1861, and for three years, October 21st, under Colonel Charles Whittlesey, it served in Kentucky until February, 1862, when it moved to Fort Donelson and participated in that battle; and at Shiloh, fought in Lew Wallace's Division. In June it garrisoned Bolivar, Tennessee, where it checked the advance of a large Rebel force. In December it advanced into Mississippi, returned to Memphis in February, 1863, and joined Grant at Vicksburg. In Grant's movements about Vicksburg, the 20th fought at Raymond, Jackson and Champion Hills, and afterward joined the investment. In January, 1864, the Regiment re-enlisted as veterans and joined the Meridian expedition. In June it joined Sherman in his Atlanta campaign, and in the great battle of July 22nd, was nearly surrounded by a superior force of the enemy, but fought its way out. It marched with Sherman to the sea and through the Carolinas, passed in review at Washington, and was mustered out at Louisville, July 18th, 1865. The 20th was famous as a fighting Regiment and had gallant material in officers and men.