-OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry   OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry  VRC = Veteran Reserve (Invalid) Corp
other states abbreviated

Abell, Charles S.  19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's), 84th OVI Co. C,  2nd Lt., U.S. Army, Adj. Gen. Offfice (1841- 1911 New Orleans) Warren
Abell,  James S.  6th OVC Co. I, Captain, (1828-1864 k.Hawes Shop, VA) (also Mexican War veteran) Warren
Abell,  John W.   6th OVC, 2nd OVC Co. I, A,  25th OH Battery (1820-1865 Little Rock, AR)  Mecca
Abell, Robert S.  105th OVI Co. I Corporal, Veteran Reserve Corp (1837- 1885 Oakwood Cem) Warren
Abrams, Edwin Z.  125th OVI Co. C,  (1844- k.1863 at Chickamauga, GA) Bristol
Ackley, William W.   14th OH Battery, (1843-1911 Geauga Co.) Bloomfield
Adams, Alexander A. "Colonel", recruiter, (1825- 1905 Brookfield) Brookfield
Adams, Asael  19th OVI Co. C, Sgt.  wounded at Stones River,  (b.1842) Liberty
Adams, Augustus A.  171st OVI Co. D,  (1826-1908) Girard 
Adams, Austin J. 105th OVI Co. K, Sgt. (1836-1916 Cleveland, OH) Mesopotamia
Adams, Christopher  171st OVI Co. B  (1846-1918 Mahoning Co.) Weathersfield
Adams, David J.   (1823 - 1913 Oakwood Cem.) Warren 
Adams, Emery J.  87th OVI Co. B, (1839 - 1895 Windsor, Ashtabula Co.) Mesopotamia
Adams, Henry  105th OVI Co. G, Lt., (1835- 1863 Murfreesboro, TN, Oakwood Cem) Warren 
Adams, Henry  77th Illinois Infantry Co. E, (1829 - 1865 Peoria, IL ) Warren
Adams, Homer S. 171st OVI Co. D, (1830-1913 Sandusky, Ohio Soldiers Home) Liberty
Adgate,  Ulysses J.  19th OVI Co. G, musician,  (1829-1897, Oakwood Cem) Howland
Adkins, Dennis J.  125th OVI Co. B, (1822-1885  Evergreen North)  Johnston
Ague, Freeman  6th OVC Co. G (b.1841) Brookfield
Ague,George B.    19th OVI Co. B  wounded at Nashville, (1848-1922 Blair Co. PA) Hubbard 
Ague, Henry 19th OVI Co. B (1844 - k.1863 Stones River) Hubbard
Ague, James   112th IL Co. K   wounded & captured at Richmond, KY, VRC, (1826-1910 Rock Island, IL) Weathersfield 
Ague, Nathaniel  25th OH Light Battery, (1824-1864, Little Rock, AR, Little Rock Nat'l Cem) Weathersfield
Ague, William   19th OVI Co. B, (1845-1901 IL) Hubbard
Ague,  William K.  25th OH Independent Battery, (1828-1900  Riverside- Kerr Cem) Mineral Ridge
Albertson, Alfred L.F.  3rd PA Heavy Artillery, Former Mayor of Newton Falls,(1848-1930, Wes Res Mausoleum) Newton Falls
Alderman, Riley  Trumbull Guards, Musician (1818-1880 Nat'l Military Home, Dayton) Brookfield
Aldrich, Morey L.  2nd VT Inf. Co. G, Sgt. (1831-1881, Fowler Cem.) Fowler
Alford, Thomas J.   16th PA Cav Co. I, (1846-1912, Oakwood Cem) Warren
Alger, Warren G.  29th OVI Co. C, (1844 - 1920 North View) Gustavus
Allee, Zalmon. B.  23rd OVI Co. B  (1839-1926 West View)  Vernon 
Allen, Colonel Ethan 6th OVC Co. D, Wagoner, U.S. Navy (1834-1915 Detroit) Newton 
Allen, Calvin   1st OH Light Artillery, Battery A (1835 -1863 City Point, VA) Newton Falls
Allen, Darwin F.  125th OVI Co. B, Corporal,  171st OVI Co. G, Sgt. (1840 - 1916 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Allen, George C.  2nd OVC Co. D  Sgt., (1837- 1925, Greenlawn)  Greene
Allen, George W. 19th OVI Co. C, Corporal,  wounded at Stone River, Chickamauga (1841 - 1908 Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Allen, Harrison  14th OH Battery  (1841-1862) Orangeville
Allen, Henry W. 19th OVI Co. C, (1837-1891) Newton Falls
Allen, Hiram G.  171st OVI Co. I  (1828-1870 Newton Falls East ) Newton
Allen, Isaac T.    171st OVI Co. G   captured & paroled, (1828-1902) Kinsman
Allen, Joel N.   6th OVC Co. D, (1844 - 1919 Center)  Braceville
Allen, John M.  171st OVI Co. G  captured & paroled (1828 - 1907) Kinsman
Allen, Lyman  41st OVI Co. A, Corporal,  QuarterMaster Sgt., 5th U.S. Colored Troops, Ass't Surgeon (1838- d. Los Angeles, CA) Vernon
Allen, Nathan T. 43rd OH Co. C, (1836-1922 Mesopotamia) Greene 
Allen, Robert D.  105th OVI Co. C, Sgt. (1831-1901 CA) Weathersfield 
Allen, Robert M.  78th PA Co. B, (1838-1913, Newton Falls East) Newton  
Allen, Wilbur W.  23rd OVI Co. B   wounded at Cedar Creek, (b. 1834 - ? Williamsfield Center Cem.) Kinsman 
Allen, William Henry (aka James William Allen) 19th OVI Co. C, (d. 1891 Newton Falls East)  Newton Falls
Allen, William W.  6th OVC Co. I, (1832 - 1896 Center) Braceville
Allison, Abner C.   84th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. B, Sgt.  (1842-1914 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Allison, Peter C.  19th OVI Co. C   (1842 - k.1863 Chickamauga,GA)  Liberty
Ames, Horace B.  41st OVI Co. A  (1840- k.1862 Shiloh, Shiloh Nat'l Mil Cem) Fowler
Anderson, Alvin  2nd OVC Co. E POW, (1840-1893) Liberty 
Anderson, Clarence Lyndon   6th OVC Co. G, Sgt. (1843-1864 Washington D.C.) Liberty 
Anderson, James  124th OVI Co. E (b. 1820) Weathersfield 
Anderson, James B. 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery (Confederate) Major (k. 1863 AK) Warren
Anderson, Joseph W.   2nd OVC Co. D, ( 1844- 1910 Belmont), Liberty  
Anderson, Oliver K.  171st OVI Co. H, (1845-1912, Evergreen Cem, Bristol)  Champion
Anderson, Thomas  105th OVI Co. I, (1840-1921, Bloomfield Cem) Bloomfield
Anderson, William  19th OVI Co. C, (1840-1864 Andersonville, GA)  Howland
Anderson, William   2nd OVC Co. A, Farrier (1841-1917) Bloomfield 
Anderson, William H.  86th OVI Co. G, 177th OVI Co. D, (d. Brunswick, GA  1873)
Andrews, Andrew A.  177th OVI Co. E  (1846-1924 Bennington, OK)  Bristolville
Andrews, David M.  42nd OVI Co. A (1844-1911 Welsh Hill)
Andrews, Edwin C. 171st OVI Co. A (1844 -1912 Oakwood Cemetery) Warren
Andrews, Elmer H. 105th OVI Co. I  (1841-1862 Perrysville, KY  King-Kennedy) Howland
Andrews, Lyman P.   171st OVI Co. G   captured & paroled, (1822-1864 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Andrews, Simon H.  125th OVI Co. B, (1839 - 1868 West Bazetta)  Bazetta
Angstadt, Charles H. 86th OVI Co. G, (1844-1930 Oakwood) Warren
Angstadt, John  14th OH Battery (1843-1862 Louisville, KY, Cave Hill Nat'l Cem) Warren
Angles, Abraham  2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1845-1922, Kinsman New) Kinsman
Ankney, Henry  3rd WV Cav Co. F Saddler (1838 - 1903 Niles Union)  Niles
Anthony, Harvey  6th OVC Co. B (1844-1863 Old Kenilworth) Greene
Anthony, Oliver Squirrel Hunters Militia (b. 1819) Greene
Anthony, Senes J.  19th OVI Co. C (1840-1909 Boulder, CO)  Warren
Applegate, John  171st OVI Co. C,   (1844-1907 Churchill) Church Hill
Applegate, Joseph H.  105th OVI Co. I, Corporal,  killed at Perryville (1840-1862, Seceders Corners)Liberty
Arch, John  20th U.S. Colored Troops Co. K,  (d. 1814-1915 Highland Park, Cleveland) Warren  
Arner, David T. 19th OVI Co. B (3 mo's) (1833-1890) Warren
Arnet, Andrew  19th OVI Co. C  (1838-1906 KS)  Warren
Asper, Ephraim  171st OVI Co. H,  (1831-1876 Mesopotamia Twp Cem)  Mesopotamia
Asper, Joel F.  7th OVI, Capt. Co. H,  Lt. Col.,  171st OVI, Col., post-war Congressman (MO)  (1822-1872 Chillicothe, MO)  Warren
Atwell, William P.  37th WI Co. G, Lt., post-war diplomat, U.S. Consul to Germany & France (1845-1911 Ghent, Belgium) Warren  
Atwood, Andrew J. 14th OH L.A., 177th OVI Co. G (1836-1903 Milwaukee Veterans Home) Warren
Augustine, Levi A.  19th OVI Co. B  (1841-1919 Maple Grove) Coitsville
Austin, Charles A.  125th OVI Co. B, (1838-1896) Gustavus
Austin, William H.  177th OVI Co. E,  (b. 1846)  Warren