Dabney, Chauncey   2nd OVC Co. D,  196th OVI Co. D, (1843-1912 Evergreen) Farmington
Dabney, Robert L.  6th OVC Co. D,  VRC, (1845-1876 Hillside) Bristol
Dailey, Harrison  41st OVI Co. A, Railway Mail Service  (1840-1891 Oak Hill) Hartford
Dailey, William L.    19th OVI Co. G, (1830-1875 Center) Braceville 
Dally,  Henry Harrison     171st OVI Co. F (1831-1899 N F East) Newton Falls
Dally, Noah J.  19th OVI Co. C  wounded Stones River, (1833-1863 Nashville) Warren
Dana, William A.  125th OVI Co. B, (1838-1864)  Farmington
Dana, William H.  171st OVI Co. A, 196th OVI Co. D, Founder of Dana School of Music (1846-1916 Oakwood) Warren
Daniels, Andrew J.  6th OVC CO. F (1847-1926 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Darling, Russell C. 15th OH L.A., Artificer, (1830-1898 PA) Warren
Darling, Solon K.   6th OVC Co. F, (1840-1926 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard 
Daugherty, Hugh A.  142nd PA Co. A, (1843-1915 PA) Brookfield

Davidson, Elwood O.  177th OVI Co. E, (1845-1923 Sager) N. Bristol  
Davis, Benjamin 7th OVI Co. I, (1834-1887) Weathersfield 
Davis, Benjamin R.  171st OVI Co. D,  (1834-1917 Churchill) Church Hill  
Davis, Daniel  136th PA Co. K, Weathersfield Twp. Cemetery  
Davis, David  142nd PA Co. A  Weathersfield 
Davis, Jacob  171st OVI Co. D (1839-1882 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Davis, John  1st WV Cav Co. A, Warren 
Davis, John  84th OVI Co. C, (b. 1843) Weathersfield 
Davis, John L. Jr, 25th OH Light Artillery (1845-1916 PA) Mineral Ridge
Davis, John L. Sr. 19th OVI Co. C, wounded at Shiloh, (1824-1898 Massillon Cem, Stark Co) Mineral Ridge
Davis, John M. 171st OVI Co. B, Sgt. (1843-1902 Niles Union) Niles 
Davis, John P. (Davidson)  105th OVI  Co. B (b. 1842) Brookfield
Davis, John S.   7th OVI Co. H Sgt. (1825-1900) Mecca
Davis, John W.  105th OVI Co. C  (1838-1905 4 Mile Run) Weathersfield
Davis, Lafayette  187th OVI Co. A,(1844 - 1922 East Mecca) Mecca
Davis, Marshall  105th OVI Co. B, (1843-1890 Disciples)  Cortland 
Davis, Morgan W. 105th OVI Co. C, 32nd OVI Co. D (1842-1864 Huntsville, AL) Girard
Davis, Stanley W.  18th MI Co. A 2nd Lt., Co. D, 1st Lt., wounded (1837-1920 Chicago)  Burghill  
Davis, Thomas G.  26th OVI Co. G, (b.1842)  Weathersfield
Davis, William E. 125th OVI Co. B, VRC (b.1822)  Brookfield
Davis, William G.  105th OVI Co. A, Corporal, wounded at Chickamauga, GA  (1834-1879 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield 
Davis, William J. 19th OVI Co. C (b.1826) Weathersfield

Davis, William M. Jr.   171st OVI Co. B (1844-1926 Niles Union) Niles
Davison,  Theadore F.  6th OVC Co. I (1848-1865 Petersburg, VA) Leavittsburg
Day, Benjamin Franklin  U.S. Navy, USS Saugus, a monitor,  witnessed Lincoln assassination,  post-war Rear Admiral (1841-1933 Oakwood Cem) Warren 
Day, Edward N.  23rd OVI Co. B, POW, VRC (1819-1885 MI) Mesopotamia
Day, Jesse  15th Light Artillery  (1821-1865 Savannah, GA) Warren
Day, William B.  2nd MN Sharpshooters (1831-1896 Hillside Cem) Johnston
Dean, Charles  86th OVI Co. A  (b. 1845) Brookfield 
Deasy, Cornelius (Dacey)  26th OVI Co. G, POW Chickamuaga, (d. 1864 Andersonville Prison) Mineral Ridge 
Deasy, Timothy (Dacey) 26th OVI Co. G Corporal, (1840-1913)  Mineral Ridge
Delaughter, Philip C.  13th MD Infantry Co. I, 11th MD Infantry Co. B, (1847-1929 Lordstown Center)   Lordstown
Deming, Osmer S. U.S. Navy, gunboat "Victory", (1837-1917 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Warren
Dennington, Leonard  83rd PA Co. A, (1838-1912 Oakwood) Warren
DeWitt, Charles W.  29th OVI Co. C, 6th OVC Co. E, Comm. Sgt., (1832-1902) Greene 
DeWitt, William  29th OVI Co. I, (b. 1824) Greene
Dice, Emory  6th OVC Co. I, Sgt.  POW (1842-1865 Salisbury Prison, NC) Champion
Dice, George M.  105th OVI Co. C  (1843-1881 Soaptown) Niles
Dice, Homer C.   2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1844-1922 Oakwood) Champion
Dickerman, James M. 105th OVI Co. B, Corporal (1823-1888) Mecca
Dickinson, George W. 3rd U.S. Artillery Battery E, 6th OVC Lt. Col., post-war County Sheriff (1841-1912) Johnston
Diebold, John C. (Debold)  7th OVI Co. I  (1827-1901 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Diehl, John M. 177th OVI Co. E, 191st OVI  (1845-1874 Champion) Champion 
Diehl, Ward 84th OVI Co. C,(1840-1920 Portage Co.) Warren
Difford, Edwin   19th OVI Co. K, (1844-1922 Fairview)  Mesopotamia
Dilley, Alson C.  125th OVI Co. C, 1st Lt., (1840-k.1864 Kennesaw Mountain) Howland
Dilley, Augustus  19th OVI Co. B  (1835-1906 KS) Hubbard
Dilley, James  171st OVI Co. C,  disabled, (1843-1909 Center)  Brookfield
Dilley, John H.   6th OVC Co. I, (1843-1926 Hillside Cemetery) Bazetta
Dilley, Jonathan  125th OVI Co. C  (1840-1863 Murfreesboro Nat'l Cem)  Bazetta
Dilley, Lewis S. 103rd OVI Co. E, Captain  (1833-1868 Howland Hill) Howland
Dillon, Amos   145th PA  Co. A, (1837-1908 St. Mary's Cemetery) Warren 
Dillon, Homer  2nd OVC Co. D (1842-1883 KS) Champion
Dines, Phillip  41st OVI Co. B (1842-1922 Geauga Co.) Cortland
Dithridge, John 84th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. B, Corporal, (1843-1926 Cambridge, OH)  Weathersfield  
Dobbins, William 24th OVI Co. F (b.1832) Mineral Ridge
Doll, Daniel  169th OVI Co. H  (1841-1919) Newton Falls  
Donnelly, Hugh  24th OVI Co. F wounded Stones River (b.1834) Weathersfield 
Donnelly, Peter   24th OVI Co. F (b. 1832)  Weathersfield
Donovan, David  70th OVI Co. D  (1835-1911 St. Stephen) Niles
Doolittle, Leonard  2nd OVC Co. D, Sgt., 25th OH Battery, 2nd Lt. (1833-1899)  Mecca
Doty, Alvin Morrell  99th OVI Co. G, 50th OVI Co. A, post-war Leavittsburg Post Master,  (1846-1926 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Leavittsburg
Doty,  Ellis E. 41st OVI Co. H   captured at Chickamauga,(1833-1864 Andersonville Nat'l Cem) Southington
Doty, Sylvester  19th OVI Co. G, (1836-1895 Center) Southington
Double, William  130th IN Co. F, (1841-1921 Oakwood) Warren
Douglass, Hugh  17th OVI Co. K, 15th OVI Co. E Sgt.  (1834-1916 Oakwood) Warren
Douglass, Thomas  14th OH Battery  chief artificer, (1812-1899 Oakwood) Warren
Dowling, Thomas L.  61st PA Co. K  (1842-1908 Belmont) Youngstown
Downer, John  7th OVI Co. F,wounded at Cedar Creek, VA (1843-1913 Cleveland)  Newton Falls
Downey, Washington  127th OVI Co. I, (5th U.S. Colored Troops) (1840-1892 Pittsburgh) Warren
Downing, James P.  Trumbull Guards  (1843-1880 West Bazetta) Bazetta
Downs, Horace H. 7th OVI Co. H (1842- 1918 E. Mecca) Bristol
Downs, Jasper  105th OVI Co. B (1843-1921 Evergreen) Bristol
Downs, William G.  20th OVI Co. H, 1st Sgt., POW, (1837-1917 PA)  Newton Falls
Downs, William S.    MS Marine Brigade Co. C, (1842-1910 Garrettsville) Warren
Draa, James   171st OVI Co. B  (1837-1910 Niles Union) Weathersfield 
Drake, William Wallace  24th OVI Co. F  (1838-1912)  Howland
Draper, Nathan C.  19th OVI Co. C, (1840-1879 TX) Weathersfield
Draper, Warren   19th OVI Co. C, (1848-1930 Leavenworth Soldier's Home, KS)  Weathersfield
Dray, John C.  Trumbull Guards (1817-1891 Doud) Vienna
Dray, William W. (Draa)  19th OVI Co. C, Corporal  (1843-1931 Oakwood) Warren
Drennen, John   105th OVI Co. B  (1842-k.1862 Perrysville) Southington  
Drexler, Joseph (Drixler) 24th OVI Co. F (b. 1832) Mineral Ridge
Druery, Augustus D.  41st OVI Co. A, Sgt., disabled  (1828-1886 Hartford Center)  Hartford 
Dryer, Augustus F. 41st OVI Co. A, (1829- >1890 MI) Vernon 
Dubendorf, Peter H.  6th OVC Co. I,  Sgt. (1834-1864 Washington, D.C.) Braceville
DuBois, George W.  11th OVI Chaplain  Rector, Christ Church, Warren 1848-1853 (1822-1910 NY) Warren
Dudley, Oral C.  4th VT Co. G, 10th VT Co. D  (1843-1915  West View) Vernon
Dull, Daniel  42nd OVI Co. F, Corporal, POW  (1841 - 1919 Newton Falls East) Paris Twp, Portage Co.
Dunbar, Barney  177th OVI Co. D, (1830-1908 Evergreen South) Johnston
Dunlap, Orsemus  171st OVI Co. A  (1843-1864 Covington, KY) Oakwood
Dunn, John A.    145th PA Co. G, (d. 1907) Cortland  
Dunn, Lyman  19th OVI Co. G (1833-1912 MI)  Johnston
Durant, George  Trumbull Guards, 6th U.S. Cav Co. M, VRC (1823-1887) Liberty
Dustman, Solomon 76th OVI Co. K, Sgt. (1837-1907)  Lordstown
Dutcher, Albert V.  41st OVI Co. A, (1842-1916 Hillside Cem) Hartford
Dutcher, George W. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's), 76th PA Co. B, Corporal (1840-1864 City Point VA Nat'l Cem) Hartford
Dye, James R.  145th PA Co. F, (1831-1896 Ashtabula Co) Johnston