OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry                           OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry
other states abbreviated

Easton, Carey O.  171st OVI Co. H (1846-1865) Farmington
Easton, Luman   39th OVI Co. F, (1836-1924 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Eckenroad, Chauncey   155th PA Co. A (1842-1933) Orangeville
Eckenrode, Daniel  41st OVI Co. F (b.1818) Newton Falls
Eckenrode, John 41st OVI Co. F (b. 1819) Newton Falls
Eckman, Ambrose  84th OVI Co. B,  171st OVI Co. D,  1st Mayor of Girard, (1845-1925 Liberty Union) Girard
Edgar, John    76th PA Co. B  orderly at brigade hospital, (1835-1909 W. Mecca) Mecca
Edney, James C.  2nd OVC Co. D, Saddler, captured near Petersburg, held at Andersonville (1837-1903 Center) Bloomfield
Edney, George  6th OVC Co. A  (1836-1862) Bloomfield
Edwards,  Edward R.  20th OH Battery  wounded at Lookout Mt., captured at Dalton, GA., (1828-1910) Mineral Ridge
Edwards, James L.  105th OVI Co. C (1842-1919 TX)  Weathersfield
Edwards, John F.    105th OVI Co. C  wounded at Perryville (1844-1904 Oakwood) Warren
Edwards, Timothy   19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's) 1st Sgt, 19th OVI, Major, (1838-k.1862 Shiloh) Warren
Eells, Henry M.   87th OVI Co. B, 10th Co. Indep. Sharpshooters (1844-1864 near Petersburg, VA) Johnston
Eells, Samuel  6th Iowa Cav Co. F  (1832-1862) Johnston
Elder, James K. 87th OVI Co. B,  2nd OVC Sgt. Major, (1842-1918 FL) Johnston
Eldridge, James H.  45th PA Co. D,  (1843> 1890 Center)  Vienna
Ellis, John T.  29th OVI Co. A, VRC (b.1844) Mesopotamia
Ellis, James  6th U.S. Cav  Co. K, Sgt. (1838-1905 North View) Gustavus
Elliot, Benjamin D.  20th OVI Co. H, (1822-1862 committed suicide while on furlough) Lordstown
Elliot, John   121st PA CO. F   Sgt.  wounded at Weldon R.R., VA (1844-1915 Oakwood) Warren
Elliot, William  U.S. Navy,  USS Essex, (1838 - 1891 Oakwood) Warren
Elliott, Edwin  6th OVC Co. G  (1841-1862 Columbus Seceders Corners) Vienna
Elliott, Richard 24th OVI Co. F (b.1838) Mineral Ridge
Ellis, James  6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K Sgt., (1843-1905 North View) Gustavus
Elmer, John  Trumbull Guards, (d. 1915 Four Mile Run) Mineral Ridge
Elwell, Amasa  5th NYHA Co. E, (1836-1871)  W. Farmington
Elwell, John J. Ass't Quartermaster of Volunteers, Lt. Col., Brevet Brigadier General, (1820-1900 Woodland Cem. Cleveland) Warren
Emerson, Merritt  105th OVI Co. B, Lt., (1838-1863 Murfreesboro)  Vienna
Emery, William   14th PA Co. G  wounded  Ashby's Gap, VA, captured & paroled (d. 1911) Weathersfield
Ems, John, a.k.a. Eanse, John K., (see also Kelley, John) 29th U.S. Colored Troops Co. F,  (d. 1921 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Engleman, William   4th WV Co. A   Lt., 9th WV Co. E   Captain (1818-1887 Oakwood ) Warren
Enos, Josiah  84th OVI Co. E, 12nd OVC Co. E,  (b.1819) Fowler
Ensign, Ellis  171st OVI Co. E, Corporal  (1845-1895 N F East)  Newton Falls
Ensign, Egbert E. 2nd OVC Co. D, 25th L.A., (1843-1892 Columbus, OH) Farmington
Ensign, Erastus H.  171st OVI Co. A  (1821-1889 Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Ensign, Walter S.  84th OVI Co. C, 196th OVI Co. D, Sgt. (1843-1933 Garrettsville) Mesopotamia
Ensign, Washington P..  14th OH Battery, (1842-1913 Burton, OH)  Mesopotamia
Ensign, William H.  105th OVI Co. B (b.1841) Farmington
Erdice, Augustus W.   14th PA Cav Co. H (1841-1919 West)  Farmington
Ernest, Silas S. 19th OVI Co. C (1844-1916 Ohltown) Lordstown
Erwin, Alexander   171st OVI Co. B,  musician, (1820-1889 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Erwin, Henry  24th OVI Co. F, Corporal (b. 1838) Bazetta
Esgar, Benjamin F.  105th OVI Co. C (1838-1908) Weathersfield
Evans, Azariah (Ezeriah) 105th OVI Co. C (1839-1913) Weathersfield

Evans, Edward B.  171st OVI Co. D (1844-1907 Oakwood)  Warren
Evans, James 19th OVI Co. C, (1837-1864 Kennesaw Mountain, GA, (National Cemetery, Marietta,GA) Weathersfield
Evans, James F.  26th OVI Co. G  (b. 1826) Weathersfield
Evans, John  105th OVI Co,. C  (b. 1847) Weathersfield  
Evans, John L.   6th OVC Co. G  captured & held at Andersonville for 17 months (1843-1915 Riverside- Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Evans, Robert  2nd OVC Co. D,  (1835-1872 Kenilworth) Greene
Evans, William E. 105th OVI Co. C (1839 - 1922 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Everett, Edson S.  124th OVI Co. D, (1829-1898 Hillside) Southington
Everett,  Henry H.  93rd NY Co. I POW  (1844-1906 Hillside Cemetery) Southington
Everhart, Frederick  4th Battery U.S. Artillery, Corporal  (1839-1919 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
Ewalt, Henry C.  84th OVI Co. C  (1844-1916) Howland
Ewalt, John A.  105th OVI Co. B, Corporal (1843-1863 Louisville, KY) Howland