-OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry   OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry  VRC = Veteran Reserve (Invalid) Corp
other states abbreviated

Hadley, Julius L.  2nd OH Cav Co. C & D, Lt.,  25th OH Battery, Captain, 1st MO Light Artillery, Bvt. Major, Chief of Artillery under Brig. Gen. J.W. Davidson (1836-1867, Galveston, TX) Warren
Hadsell, Bethuel  50th WI Co. G, (b. 1834 Disciples) Cortland
Hadsell, Cassius M. 14th OH Battery,  (1845-1921 Disciples) Cortland
Hadsell, Edwin  105th OVI Co. B, (1840-1921 Disciples) Cortland  
Hagar, Asa  125th OVI Co. B, wounded in action, (1841-1864)  Brookfield
Haight, Albert W.   19th OVI Co. C, Corporal, wounded   (1840-1895 Oakwood) Mecca 
Haight, Ira A. 19th OVI Co. C Corporal, twice wounded (1844-1922 AZ)  Warren Twp.
Haight, William E. 19th OVI Co. C Corporal (1842- k.1863 Chickamauga) Warren Twp.
Haight, William J. 6th OVC Co. I 1st Lt. (1817-1868 Lover's Lane) Warren Twp.
Haine, George E.  105th OVI Co. I, (1840-1920 Center) Bloomfield
Haine, William J.  105th OVI Co. I, 118th USCT 1st LT. (1837-1923 Center) Bloomfield
Haines, Ellwood P. 29th OVI Surgeon (1834-1877 Elyria) Kinsman
Hake, Enos  6th OVC Co. G,  (1845-1895 Girard-Liberty Union) Warren
Hake, Jacob  128th OVI Co. I, (1835-1916 Niles Union) Niles
Hake, Samuel  105th OVI Co. I (1844-1893 Girard-Liberty Union) Howland
Hall, Ansel  B.  125th OVI Co. C  (1838-1864 Brookfield) Brookfield  
Hall, Benjamin  125th OVI Co. C (1836-1904 PA) Vernon
Hall, David A.  177th OVI Co. D, (1839-1927 West View) Burghill
Hall, John  125th OVI Co. C (1842-1865 Vicksburg, MS Vicksburg Nat'l Cem) Bloomfield 
Hall, Levi H. 125th OVI Co. C, wounded, (1841-1921 CO) Mecca
Hall, Oliver B.  6th OVC Co. D Corporal  (1837-1917 Ridge-Rand) Fowler
Hall, Riley  6th OVC Co. D (1821-1893 Ridge-Rand) Fowler  
Hall, Thaddeus P.  2nd OVC Co. C, 25th OH Battery, (1841-1917 Sandusky Soldiers Home) Brookfield 
Hall, Thomas F.  6th OVI Co. D (1843-1862) Farmington
Hall, Wesley M.  6th OVC Co. D,  (1842-1891 West)  Farmington
Hallock, Eardley D.  171st OVI Co. E (1845-1906 German Lutheran) Newton
Halstead, Elisha  87th OVI Co. B, (1844-1887 Hillside) Fowler
Hamilton, George B.,  2nd OVC Co. D, (1836-1862 Indian Territory) Mesopotamia
Hamilton, James  177th OVI Co. D, (1828 - 1908 Evergreen South) Vernon
Hammond, Charles  41st OVI Co. G,D, 1st Lt., (1838-1918 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Hampson, Russell  Trumbull Guards   (1822-1879 Oakwood)  Warren
Hank, Thomas M.  6th OVC Co. G POW (1837-1893) Howland
Handlin, Alanson  Trumbull Guards, (1833-1903 MI)  Hartford
Hapgood, George N.  171st OVI Co. A  Sgt.  (1825-1865 Oakwood Cem) Warren
Hardman, George H.  142nd PA Co. A  (d.1916 Niles Union) Niles
Hardman, Peter M.  7th OVI Co. H,  5th OVI,  Brigade Band; (b.1839) Newton Falls
Hardy, James A.  19th OVI Co. C, (1838 - 1908 Hillside) Cortland
Harklerode, Dillon P.  6th OVC Co. E, wounded,  (1843 - 1909 Oakwood) Champion
Harklerode, Wesley  7th OVI Co. H  (1841 - 1863 Harper's Ferry, WV) Champion
Harklerode, William  171st OVI Co. H, (1845 - 1934 East) Farmington
Harmon, Charles R.  24th OVI Co. F, 1st Lt., (1826-k.1862 Stones River, Stones River  Nat'l Cem) Warren
Harmon, Heman  19th OVI Co. C, 1st Lt. & ordinance officer, 171st OVI Lt. Col, (1842 - 1889 Oakwood)  Warren
Harrington, Alonzo  19th OVI Co. G, I    wounded at Chickamauga (b.1829) Mecca
Harrison, Bernard  6th OVC Co. G (1843-1878 Shenango Valley)  Kinsman
Harrison, Kimmel K.  125th OVI Co. C (1838-1910 MI) Gustavus
Harrison, Manuel J. 105th OVI Co. I (1840-1864 Andersonville Prison)  Bloomfield
Harrison, Salathiel   105th OVI Co. I  captured at Chickamuaga, (b. 1845) Bloomfield
Harrison, Sylvester K.   177th OVI Co. G, (1842 - 1915 Evergreen) Bloomfield
Harsh, George  14th OH Battery  Sgt., 196th OVI Co. E, (1838 - 1896 Oakwood) Warren
Harshman, Allen A.  5th NY Heavy Artillery Battery E,  (1844 - 1930 Champion) Champion
Harshman, Alva R.   2nd OVC Co. D,  (1830 - 1912 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Harshman, Benedict B.  20th OVI Co. H  (1833 - 1915 West) Farmington
Harshman, Charles E. 125th OVI Co. B  2nd Lt., (1845 - 1892 Oakwood) Southington
Harshman, Curtis O. 6th OVC Co. G  (1843-1862 Camp Dennison, Girard-Liberty Union) Howland
Harshman, Sylvester T. 125th OVI Co. B, (1825-1897 Hillside) W. Farmington
Hart, Adelbert M. 105th OVI Co. B, POW (1844-d.1864 aboard ship "Northern Light", buried at sea) Farmington  
Hart, Calvin C.  41st OVI Co. A, 1st  Lt.  (1831-k.1862 Stones River, Stones River Nat'l Cem) Hartford
Hart, Clinton O.  19th OVI Co. C, (1839-1913 Oakwood) Warren
Hart, Henry C.  2nd OVC, Co. C  Sgt.  (1830-1864 Andersonville Prison) Brookfield
Hart, Melancton C. 171st OVI Co. H  (1846-1901 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Farmington
Hart, Seth  105th OVI Co. B, (1842-1925 Sager) N. Bristol
Hart, Simeon  105th OVI Co. B   musician, (1844-1891 Center) Brookfield
Hart, Thomas C.   2nd OVC Co. C, 128th OVI Co. B, (b.1840)  Brookfield
Hart, Velorous M.   2nd OVC Co. D, 2nd Lt. (1841-1925 Oakwood)  Farmington
Hartley, Thomas J.  75th NY Co. E, wounded, (1835-1915 Oakwood)    Warren
Hartman, Daniel  2nd OVC Co. G  (1843-1861 Washington) Champion
Hartshorn, Fordyce D.  6th OVC Co. D (1815-1881 N F East) Newton Falls
Harvey, Luther W.  12th PA Cav Co. B  (1818-1904 Burghill-Hayes) Hartford
Harwood, John Avery  125th OVI Co. C  wounded at Missionary Ridge & Kenesaw Mountain, (1845 - 1909 West) Farmington
Harwood, John C.  143rd OVI Co. D (1837 - 1923 Center) Bloomfield
Hatch, Arlington J.  171st OVI Co. H, Corporal, (b.1838) Mesopotamia
Hatch, Edwin I.   171st OVI Co. H (1846-1917 Pinecrest) Southington
Hatch, Harlan H.   171st OVI Co. H  Captain,  (1826-1888 West)  Farmington
Hatch, John N.  41st OVI Co. H (1834-1885 Pinecrest) Southington
Hatch, Nathan  125th OVI Co. B (1841-k.1864 Kenesaw Mountain) Southington
Hatch, Palmer D.  123rd OVI Co. B, (1839-1924 Pinecrest) Southington
Hathaway, Allison J.   19th OVI Co. G  Corporal, disabled  (1840-1891 Oakwood) Warren
Haughton, Henry A. 171st OVI Co. H  Corporal (1832-1917 Fulton Co, OH) Southington
Haughton, Lester J.  171st OVI Co. H, 184th OVI Co. H, (1845-1930 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Southington
Haughton, Marcus B.   171st OVI Co. H  (1837-1895 Pinecrest) Southington  
Havens, Levi  3rd NY Light Artillery Battery C, Corporal, 148th NY Co. A, 100th NY Infantry Co. G.(1835-1901 Parkman) Southington
Hawkins, Gaylord B.  2nd OVC, Chaplain,  (1816-1862 Ft. Leavenworth, KS, Oakwood) Warren
Hawley,  Joel  105th OVI Co. C, (1830-1914 Ridge-Rand) Vienna
Hayden, Chauncy  125th OVI Co. B, (1845-1877 Casterline) Cortland  
Hayden, George B.  2nd OVC Co. C, 2nd Lt. (1839-1923 Los Angeles) Cortland   
Hayes, Aaron  84th OVI Co. C,(1837-1911 West Street) Hartford
Hayes, Edward   29th OVI Co. C  Captain, Major, Lt. Col., captured at Port Republic, wounded at Dug Gap, GA (1830-1899 Burghill-Hayes) Hartford
Hayes, George W.  6th OVC Co. D  captured & held at Libby & Belle Isle, (1840-1897 Ridge-Rand) Fowler  
Hayes, Picton  6th OVC Co. D (1842-1920 Ridge-Rand) Fowler
Hayford, Anson E. 2nd OVC Co. D, 125th OVI Co. C  (1833-1864 Andersonville Prison) Greene
Hayhusk, James   6th OVC Co. I, (1838-1919 Oakwood) Bazetta  
Haynes, Henry E. 14th OH Battery (b. 1830)  Bloomfield
Haynes, Fayette  171st OVI Co. G,  (1845 - 1927 Kinsman New ) Kinsman  
Haynes, George F.  41st OVI Co. A Sgt. (1836-1910 Chicago) Vernon
Haynes, Orlando W. 41st OVI Co. A, Corporal, 60th OVI Co. G, 2nd Lt., twice wounded (1838-1917 MI) Vernon
Hays, Robert R.  148th OVI Co. E,(1839-1896 Center) Vienna
Heald, Wallace A.  47th WI Co. F (1850-1929 Oakwood) Warren  
Heath, Thomas  125th OVI Co. B (1831-1863 Nashville) Brookfield
Heckman, William  145th PA Co. G Corporal POW, (1837-1909 Hillside) Cortland
Hedden, Daniel E.  19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's), 6th OVC Commissary Sgt., (b. 1843 West) Farmington
Hedden, Robert E. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's) 6th OVC Co. D  1st Lt. (1839-1890 West) Farmington
Hedges, Samuel B.  2nd PA Heavy Artillery Battery A, (1844-1917 Oakwood) Greensburg
Hedges, John B.  57th PA Co.C & G, (1837-1909) Bristolville
Helsey, William J.   19th OVI Co. G, Corporal  (1839-1916 Pinecrest)  Southington
Helwig, Casper Trumbull Guards, Corporal (1823-1897 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Henry, Albert  145th PA Co. G, 25th USCT Co. E 1st Lt. (b. 1841) Vernon  
Henry, Alfred J.  41st OVI Co. A, Corporal (1843-1920 IL)  Vernon
Henry, George H.  107th PA Co.D (1845-1927) Kinsman
Henry, Wallace J.  125th OVI Co.B, Corporal (1832-1910 Padanaram) Kinsman
Henry, William  177th OVI Co. C  (1845-1927 Kinsman New)
Henry, William W. 19th OVI Co. C, Corporal, (1842-1925 Oakwood) Warren
Herbert, William  W. 171st OVI Co. F  2nd Lt., (1837-1912 Oakwood) Warren
Herron, Abram  25th U.S. Colored Troops Co. A, (1843-1896 PA) Warren
Herst, Henry  105th OVI Co. B, (1843-1862 Munfordsville, KY) Braceville  
Herst, John W. (a.k.a. John W. Davis) 19th OVI Co. G, (1836-1916 Saginaw Co, MI) Braceville 
Herst, William F.  19th OVI Co. G,  2nd Lt.  (1841-1898) Braceville
Hescock, Hezediah H.  105th OVI Co. I  captured at Perryville, (1843-1910 Sager) N. Bristol
Hescock, Henry W.  7th OVI Co. H (1844-1896 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Hettrick, Gabriel  107th PA, Co. D, POW Weldon RR, (1834-1916 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Hewey, George   41st OVI Co. A  wounded at Chickamauga, 171st OVI Co. A  (1843-1916) Mecca

Hewey, Samuel   41st OVI Co. A , 84th OVI Co. C (1845-1927 Sandusky Soldiers Home) Mecca
Hewey, Thomas  41st OVI Co. A  Drummer, 171st OVI Co. A  (1822-1892 West Mecca) Mecca
Hewitt, Asbury  41st OVI Co. A, MIA  Pickett's Mills, GA, (b. 1844)  Hartford
Hewitt, George  171st OVI Co. F, (1837 - 1908 Lutheran & German Reformed) Southington
Hewitt, John O.   84th OVI Co. C,  (1844-1868 Oakwood) Warren
Hewitt, Otis M.  18th OVI Co. D,  (1836-1869 Oakwood) Mesopotamia
Hickey, Joseph    84th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. B Sgt. (1840-1899 Niles Union) Niles
Hickok, James S. 19th OVI Co. G  (1816-1885 N F East) Newton
Hickok, Sidney  6th OVC Co. B, (1848-1934 IL)  Braceville

Hickox (Hicok), Franklin S.  19th OVI Co. G  (1843-1864 Andersonville)  Braceville
Hickox, James S.  19th OVI Co. G,  disabled,  6th OVC Co. D, (1816-1885) Newton Falls
Hickox, Millans R.  2nd OVC Co. D, (1837-1864 Andersonville) Farmington
Hickox, William D.   2nd OVC Co. D  Sgt.  wounded & captured Ashland Station, VA,  (1839 - 1913 East) Farmington
Hier, George  105th OVI Co. C, 38th OVI Co. C  (1841-1873 Welsh Baptist) Weathersfield
Higgins, Hiel  125th OVI Co. C, (1837-k.1864 Franklin, TN, Stones River Nat'l Cem) Greene
Higgins, Sidney   125th OVI Co. C   Sgt, (1828-1901 Greenlawn) Greene
Higley, Brainard Spencer  155th OVI Co. D, Corporal  (1835-1916 Belmont) Youngstown
Higley, Henry  2nd OVC Co. G, (1837-1917 Portage Co) Mesopotamia
Hill, Archibald  125th OVI Co. C, Corporal (b.1842)  Brookfield
Hill, Charles M.   12th US Colored Troops,  Co. A, former slave,  (1830-1912, Oakwood)  Warren
Hill, Elisha 105th OVI Co. E   (1839-1916 West) Farmington
Hill, Isaac N.    134th PA Co. A, (1841-1917) Hartford
Hill, Leonidas H.  145th PA Co. G (1844-1864 Old Gustavus) Fowler
Hill, Levant    29th OVI Co. E, VRC,  POW,  (1836 - 1915 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Monroe, Ashtabula Co.
Hillier, Daniel M.   6th OVC Co. I, (1827-1883) Mecca
Hillman, Herbert  105th OVI Co. B Corporal (1842-1906 Evergreen) Greene
Hillman, Zelotus C. 171st OVI Co. F, Corporal (1832-1903 Greenlawn) Greene
Hillyer, Milton  6th OVC Co. I  (1827-1883 West Mecca) Mecca
Hillyer, Philetus B.  Trumbull Guards, Corporal  (1827-1909 MN) Gustavus

Hine, Franklin E.  2nd OVC Co. D POW (1846-1864 Andersonville) Johnston
Hine, Ira A. 171st OVI Co. F (1829-1902 N F East) Newton Falls
Hipple, Sidney  171st OVI Co. F, (1846-1937 Lutheran Cem) Lordstown
Hirschfield, Edward   73rd PA Co. G  wounded at Gettysburg, (1825-1892 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Hirst, Giles C.    19th OVI Co. B (1837-1885 Disciples-Price-Hall) Hubbard
Hitchcock, Edmund  19th OVI Co. G (1835-1912 Evergreen) Johnston
Hitchcock, Joseph 31st OVI Co. G  (1830 - 1916 Belmont) Boardman
Hobart, Calvin  83rd PA Co. B (1848-1906 North View) Gustavus
Hobart, Clinton  171st OVI Co. G, (1842-1905 Kinsman New)Kinsman
Hobart, Oscar  171st OVI Co. G, (1840-1904 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Hobart, Thomas C.  171st OVI Co. G  (1844-1922 Kinsman Old) Vernon 
Hobbs, William H. 1st WV Light Artillery Battery D, 5th WV Co. H, (1842-1917 KS) Mineral Ridge
Hoffman George W.  2nd OVI Co. C, Wagoner (1818-1899 Newton Falls East)
Hoffman, Henry   86th OVI Co. G, (1830-1907 West) Farmington
Hoffman, Rudolph  16th OVI Co. E, 166th OVI Co. I (1843-1895 North View) Gustavus
Hohn, George F.  171st OVI Co. F (1831-1899 N F East)  Newton Falls
Holcomb, Charles R. 6th OVC, 2nd OVC Co. H, (1840-1926 IA) Vernon
Holcomb, Daniel I.   41st OVI Co. A, Corporal  Medal of Honor awarded  (1841-1894 Sedalia, MO) Hartford
Holcomb, Hiram  D. 177th OVI Co. D, Corporal  (1834-1900 Evergreen South) Cortland
Holcomb, Judson  B. 41st OVI Co. A, wounded at Chickamauga (1842-1864 Nashville, Giddings Cem) Vernon
Holcomb, Robert N.  105th OVI Co. I, (1843-1926 Sandusky Solider's Home, Fairview) Mesopotamia
Holcomb, Virgil  A. 41st OVI Co. A  (1836-1863 Reederville, TN, Stones River Nat'l Cem) Vernon
Holder, Joseph H.   6th OVC Co. G (1841-1913 SD)  Liberty
Holeton, Charles R.  171st OVI Co. B, (1845-1923 Niles Union) Niles
Holland, George W.  102nd OVI Co. C, ( 1842-1885 Oakwood)  Warren
Holland, Nathan  14th Light Artillery, Bugler  (1828-1864 Cleveland,  Oakwood)
Hollenbeck, Lucius  6th OVC Co. K  Corporal, (1831-1904 Hillside) Parkman
Hollenbeck, Vincent W.  171st OVI Co. C, (1823-1900 Maple Grove) Church Hill
Holloway, Leonard  19th OVI Co. E (3 mo's), 76th OVI Co. F, Sgt. Major,  wounded at Goldsboro (1843-1925 Niles Union) Niles
Holmes, William A. 87th OVI Co. B (b.1837-1920 PA, Hillside) Farmington
Holt, Lewis B.     2nd OVC Co. D, Teamster, (1836-1923 Center)  Braceville
Holton, Richard    27th OVI Co. C, (1833-1913 Fowler Center) Fowler
Holtzclaw, George W. 12th PA Cav Co. L (1837-1887 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Hood, Amos L.   19th OVI Co. C, 171st OVI Co. D, (1838-1925 Liberty Union) Girard
Hood, Henry   171st OVI Co. F,  wounded at Keller's Bridge, KY (1827-1911 Ohltown) Mineral Ridge
Hood, John B.   6th OVC Co. E, captured at Emmetsburg, PA, POW  (1830-1910 Girard-Liberty Union) Mineral Ridge
Hood, Levi    20th OVI Co. H  (1837 - 1901 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Hood, Michael J.  105th OVI Co. C, (1842-1915 Liberty Union) Liberty
Hood, Samuel 20th OVI Co. H (1834-1889 Soaptown) Liberty
Hood, Nehemiah Scott    171st OVI Co. B, (1830-1864 Ohltown) Weathersfield
Horner, James  41st OVI Co. K, Captain, (b.1827) Mesopotamia
Horton, William   14th OH Battery, Sgt., (1819-1908) Greene
Hosford, Orville N. 6th OVC Co.C,  2nd OVC Co.G, (1840-k.1863 Knoxville Nat'l Cem) Johnston  
Hottle, James D.   14th OH Battery, (1843-1862 Cave Hill Nat'l Cem, KY) Bristol  
Houlette,  Albert (Howlett)  19th OVI Co. B  wounded at Nashville, disabled, (b.1846) Hubbard
Houlette, Lewis (Honlette)  19th OVI Co. B, (1840-1899 AR) Hubbard
House, Alonzo A.   6th OVC Co. A, Sgt., (1834-1912 Sager) Bristol
House, William H.  121st NY Co. A (1840-1904 Oakwood) Warren
Housel, Isaac  Trumbull Guards, (1841-1910 East) Farmington
Housel, Sylvanus    6th OVC Co. D (1845-1864 Washington D.C., East Cem) Farmington  
Hover, James S.  (Hoover) 171st OVI Co. C, (1834-1918 Disciple-Price-Hall) Hubbard
Hover, Jessie H. (Hoover)  171st OVI Co. C  (1827 - 1894 Disciple-Price-Hall) Hubbard
Hover, William H. (Hoover)  171st OVI Co. C  wounded Keller's Bridge, KY, (1837-1912 Disciple-Price-Hall)  Hubbard
Howard, William H. 177th OVI Co. C  (1845-1927 Kinsman Old) Kinsman
Howe, George W. Surgeon, Medical Examiner of Volunteers for 19th Congressional District,(1809-1884 Brownwood) Bloomfield
Hoyt, Amasa T.  19th OVI Co. C,  171st OVI Co. A,  (1841-1911 Oakwood) Warren
Hoyt, John S.   84th OVI Co. C, (1844-1926) Warren
Hubbard, Nathaniel N.   6th US Colored Troops Co. B, 1st Lt., wounded at Ft. Harrison, VA, 5th U.S.C.T. Co. C, Captain  (1843-1868 Greenlawn) Greene
Hubert, Hudson  19th OVI Co. B , wounded at Atlanta (1840-1911 IN) Hubbard

Hubler, Horatio   67th OVI Co. I, 86th OVI CO. A, 84th OVI Co. B, (1842-1891 Oak Hill) Niles
Hudson, Milo   171st OVI Co. B  (1849-1914 Ohltown) Weathersfield
Hudson, Samuel   171st OVI Co. F, (1834-1880 Center) Braceville
Huff, Harvey A.  6th PA Artillery Battery M, (1835-1924 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Hughes, Christian B. 105th OVI Co. C, Musician  captured at Chickamauga, escaped (1841-1933 Niles Union) Weathersfield
Hughes, Howard M.  41st OVI Co. G,  (1830-1917 West) Farmington
Hughes, Samuel  20th OVI Co. H, Corporal, (b.1817) Weathersfield 
Hughes, William  105th OVI Co. B Sgt., VRC (1839-1920 Belmont Co) Farmington
Hughes, William E.  20th OVI Co. H, Musician,  (1847-1935 OR) Weathersfield
Hulbert, Otis    19th OVI Co. B (1830 - 1888 Maple Grove) Hubbard   
Hulin, Kidder 19th OVI Co. C (1837-1919 MO) Braceville 
Hulin, Simeon S. 19th OVI Co. C (1833-1921 MI) Braceville
Hull, George M.  19th OVI Sgt. Major, Co. A, 2nd Lt., Co. G, D, 1st Lt. (1838-1921 WA) Warren
Hull, Hiram   6th OVC Co. G,  Corporal, wounded at Ladd's Farm, VA,  wounded at Five Forks, VA, (1845-1927 Vienna) Bazetta
Hull, Riley  6th OVC Co. D  wounded at New Creek Station, VA,  (1843-1913 Disciples) Cortland
Hull, William 7th WI Co. C, Corporal (1842-k.1863 Gettysburg) Hubbard  
Hulse, Eben B.  2nd OVC Co. C, Farrier, (1841-1877 Allen Co. OH) Bazetta
Hulse, Eber W.  36th IL Co. G, 141st IL Co. F (1842-1915 Girard-Liberty Union) Bazetta
Hulse, Richard K.   125th OVI Co. B , Sgt. (1828-1915 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Hulse, Wilson S. 105th OVI Co. B  Sgt. (1843-1914 Akron, OH) Mecca
Hultz, John H.  2nd OVC Co. C (1841-1931 Dayton, OH)  Hubbard  
Hume, Alfred W. 19th OVI Co. B, 171st OVI Co. C  Sgt. (1840-1903 NV) Hubbard
Humes, Charles  19th OVI Co. B   MIA at Shiloh, (1837-1862) Hubbard
Hummel, John W.  49th MA Militia, Co. C  (1824-1886 Oakwood) Warren
Hunt, Alfred C.  20th OVI Co. H, (1847-1894 Oakwood) Warren
Hunt, Charles R.  6th OVC, Quarter Master,  (1820-1873 Oakwood) Warren  
Hunt, David L. 7th OVI Co. H, Corporal (b.1834) Braceville
Hunt, James A. 7th OVI Co. H, wounded Winchester, VA, (1840-1862 Old Champion) Champion
Hunter, John S.  7th OVI Co. H (3 mo's), 14th OH Battery, wounded at Shiloh,16th Reg't VRC, (b.1841) Weathersfield
Hunter, Joseph  2nd OVC Co. C, (1831-1865 Brookfield) Brookfield
Hunter, William L.  Tawnes Company Independent PA Infantry, (1848-1925 Oakwood)  Bristol
Huntley, Almer O., Barters Independent Sharpshooters, (1842-1920 Center) Bloomfield
Huntley, Calvin W.   6th OVC Co. B, (1813-1906 Evergreen) Bristolville
Huntley, George R.  63rd OVI unassigned  (1838-1923 Sandusky Soldiers Home) Mecca  
Huntley, Lay G. (Leigh)  6th OVC Co. E, VRC (1842-1925 WI)  Bristol
Huntley, Scott F.   23rd OVI Co. E, (1847-1936 Evergreen) Bristol
Hurd, Jason    19th OVI Co. G  2nd Lt., Co. A, D, I  1st Lt. (1834-1887 Center)   Braceville
Hurlburt, Homer   105th OVI Co. I captured at Perrysville, exchanged (1837-1894 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Hutchins, Francis   51st OH Militia, Captain, 171st OVI Co. A, Captain, Supt. of Johnson's Island Prison, Judge Advocate of  military commissions at Cincinnati,(1826-1913 Oakwood)  Warren  
Hutchins, Horace E.  Trumbull Guards (1826-1896 KS) Vienna
Hutchins, Uriel H.  Lt. Col. U.S. Army, Paymaster (1818 - 1872 Oakwood) Warren
Hutchinson, Jotham   57th PA Co. C, (1811-1893) Brookfield
Hutton, Lewis  12th U.S. Infantry Co. A, (1845-1935 Hillside) Cortland
Huxley, Dorsey W.  20th OVI Co. H, killed at Raymond, MS, (1838 - 1864) Braceville
Hyde, Sylvester  29th OVI Co. A, (1820-1893) Farmington