OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry       OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry     VRC = Veteran Reserve (Invalid) Corp
other states abbreviated

Lacy, Amos  42nd US Colored Troops Co. K (1846 - 1917 Belmont) Youngstown
Lacy, John R.  17th U.S.Colored Troops,  Co. K, (1846-1899) Warren
Lachman, John R.  46th OVI, Musician, Trumbull County Clerk of Courts (1841-1913 Oakwood) Warren 
Lafferty, John  6th OVC Co. G, Corporal  (b. 1837 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
Laird, James A.  2nd OH Heavy Artillery, (1843-1918 IL)  Mesopotamia
Laird, Seth M.  14th OH Battery, Captain,  post-war Trumbull County Sheriff 1866-1869 (1833-1894 Pierre SD) Mesopotamia
Lake, Bruce H.   41st OVI Co. K, Corporal, (1844-1909 Oakwood) Cortland
Lake, John P.  24th OVI Co. F, Sgt., wounded at Chickamauga, (1831-1923 Van Wert, OH) Cortland
Lake, Lafayette 125th OVI Co. C, 105th OVI Co. B, 38th OVI Co. B, post-war U.S. Army (1844-1894 Hillside) Bazetta
Lamb, James R.  124th OVI Co. D, (1842-1911 Oakwood) Warren
Lamb, John H.  7th OVI Co. H, 19th OVI Co. E,  wounded at Stone River, VRC (1840-1917 Oakwood) Lordstown
Lamberson, William D.  171st OVI Co. H,  (1826-1898 West)  Farmington
Lamphear, Laurin Kirk   7th OVI  (1843-1869 Oakwood)  Howland
Lamphier, Alfred  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1845-1917 Greenlawn)  Greene
Lampson, Freeman A.  86th OVI Co. B,  (1843-1915 Fowler Center)  Fowler
Landers, Joseph  19th OVI Co. C, (1834-1898 Champion) Warren
Lane, Austin W. 14th Light Artillery  (1841-1862 Champion) Champion
Lane, Edward H.  1st MI Cavalry Co. M,  MIA (1840-1864) Braceville
Lane, Enos  41st OVI Co. A, (1845-1921 KS) Bazetta
Lane, Floyd D.  29th OVI Co. C, (1834-1903 PA) Gustavus
Lane, George 1st OH Artillery, 38th OVI Co. B (1835-1915 West View) Vernon 
Lane, George M. (aka George M. Booth) 8th MI Cavalry Co. M, Bugler (1847-1902) Oakwood) Warren

Lane, Jehiel Jr. 29th OVI Co,. G  (b. 1843) Hartford
Lane, Jehiel Sr.  29th OVI Co. G, (1808-1870 Akron) Braceville
Lane, Laureston  19th OVI Co. G, Sgt.(1840-1913 Center) Braceville
Lane, Lester  19th OVI Co. G, disabled (1844-1867 Center)  Braceville
Lane, Oliver G.  6th OVC Co. E  Sgt. (1845-1925 Greenlawn) Greene
Lane, Riley  (SEE ROOD, RILEY L.)
Lang, Nathaniel  121st PA Co. I, Co. F Captain, post-war County Common Pleas bailiff, (1835-1930 Oakwood) Warren
Langley, Morgan W.  87th OVI Co. B (1844-1900 Evergreen South) Cortland
Lanigan, Richard (aka Richard Welsh) 8th PA Co. E Corporal, U.S. Navy, (1840-1923 St. Stephens) Niles
Lanterman, Henry B.  2nd OVC Co. E, POW, (1832-1915 MI) Warren 
Lapham, Isaac 120th PA Co. K, wounded at Fredericksburg (d. 1877 Pine Knoll) Lordstown

Latimer, James O.  19th OVI Co. D, 29th OVI Co. A,  wounded at Pine Knob, GA, post-war doctor, school board member (1836-1923 West) Farmington
Latimer, Joseph  19th OVI Co. C, (1826-1914 Oakwood) Howland
Latimer, Robert  177th OVI Co. E (1844-1925 Oakwood)  Howland  
Latimer, Thomas  24th OVI Co. F (b. 1840) Warren  
Lattin, Clark  6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K  (1840-1863 Nashville, West Bazetta) Bazetta
Lattin, Eli  125th OVI unassigned recruit (1834-1864 Columbus, OH) Greene
Lattin, Ensign  12th U.S. Infantry Co. A  captured at Cedar Hill, died in Andersonville (1843-1864) Bazetta
Lattin, Eugene  41st OVI Co. B, (1838-1910 Disciples) Cortland
Lattin, J. Quincy  125th OVI Co. C  wounded at Resaca, GA,(1843-1926) Greene
Lattin, Wright E.  105th OVI Co. B, (1837-1916 Greenlawn) Greene
Lauder, Charles  19th OVI Co. C (1843-1862 Churchill) Liberty
Laughlin, Hiram  29th OVI  (1842-1921 Oakwood) Mecca 
Laughlin, Parmenas P.  6th OVC Co. C (1836-1865) Mecca  
Laughlin, Silas  2nd OVC Co. C, (1839-1899 Kinsman New) Mecca
Laughson, Barnard  19th OVI Co. C, (1846-k.1864 at Kennesaw Mt., Marietta Nat'l Cem) Weathersfield
Law, John  177th OVI Co. D (1827-1906 Evergreen South) Johnston
Lawrence, Daniel D. Trumbull Guards  (1836-1880 Paltzgraff) Lordstown
Lawrence, Ensign   20th OVI Co. H, (1844-1910 MI) Lordstown  
Lawrence, George  20th OVI Co. H (1838-1899) Lordstown
Lawrence, John  20th OVI Co. H  (1838-1921 N F East)  Lordstown
Lawrence, Peter  41st OVI Co. F  (1845-1933 Pinecrest) Southington
Lawson, George  19th OVI Co. G (1844-1928 PA) Newton
Lawson, John C. 6th OVC Co. E  (1842-1864 Washington DC) Greene
Lawton, Sanford   19th OVI Co. G, Corporal, POW (1824-1874 Center) Braceville  
Leach, Enard  6th OVC Co. I (1838-1920 MI) Mecca  
Lease, Nelson P.  6th OVC Co. I, VRC (1831-1889 Oakwood) Warren
Leavitt, Joseph  19th OVI Co. C, (1842-1898 MI) Liberty 
Leavitt, William 19th OVI Co. C (1844-1930 CA) Niles

Lee, Harrison A.  6th OVC Co. D Bugler, 171st OVI Co. H, 1st Lt., (1837-1917 OK) Farmington
Lee, Russell  20th OVI Co. H, VRC (1829-1902 MI) Farmington  
Lee, Samuel  2nd OVC Co. D, Bugler, 196th OVI Co. D 2nd Lt.  (1838-1923 KS) Farmington
Lee, T. Corwin  179th OVI Co. A, (1847-1867 Meadville PA) Braceville 
Leedy, Walter Franklin   Purnell's Legion,MD Infantry, Drummer,  (1845-1915 Belmont) Youngstown
Lees, Joseph  55th PA Co. K,  (1844-1915 Oakwood)  Warren
Leet, James W.  125th OVI Co. C, (1831-1873 Vienna Center) Vienna
Leet, Rodney D.  2nd OVC Co. D,  (1838-1888 Conneaut, PA) Vienna
Leggett, Mortimer D.  78th OVI, Colonel, Brigadier General, law partner of Jacob Cox, Warren School Superintendent 1849-1851,  Professor of Law, Ohio Law College, Poland, OH  (1821-1898 Cleveland, OH  Lakeview Cem) Warren
Leitch, John G.  171st OVI Co. C, post-war County Commissioner  (1844 - 1913 Niles Union Mausoleum)  Mineral Ridge
Lemley, Gottleib  37th OVI Co. I,  (1840-1901 Youngstown) Warren
Lenox, Jacob 6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K, 29th OVI Co. K (1820-1892 Butler County, PA) Weathersfield
Lenox, John W. 2nd O.H.A. Co. G (1845-1865 Knoxville National Cemetery) Weathersfield 
Lenox, George W. 2nd O.H.A. Co. G, Musician, (b. 1848) Weathersfield  
Leonard, Bryson  75th IL Co. G (1838-1912) Lordstown
Lepley, John P.  171st OVI Co. B, 2nd Lt. (1839-1872 Center) Lordstown
Lepper, Frederick D..  2nd OVC Co. D, (1841-1922 Los Angeles, CA) Mesopotamia
Lepper, Henry J.  179th OVI Co. A, detached to Hospital Duty  (1846-1939 Brownwood) Bloomfield
Leslie, John E.  29th OVI Co. C  (1836-1912 Kinsman New) Kinsman  
Levens, Willard A.  7th OVI Co. H, (1837 - 1928 Kinsman New) Johnston
Lew, Almon B.    171st OVI Co. H (1845-k.1864 Keller's Bridge, KY) Farmington
Lewis, Andrew  171st OVI Co. F,  (1833-1899 N F East)   Newton Falls  
Lewis, David   6th OVC Co. F, corporal, (1843-1903 Cleveland) Warren
Lewis, Dayton  Trumbull Guards, Corporal  (1836-1915 Richmond, MI)  Lordstown
Lewis, Edwin D.  105th OVI Co. B  wounded at Atlanta, GA, (1839-1907 West) Farmington
Lewis, Elias   2nd MD Infantry (Potomac Home Brigade) Co. A  Corporal, (1834-1910 Welsh Cemetery) Weathersfield
Lewis, Evan  19th OVI Co. C, 105th OVI Co. C  (b. 1832 Old North) Hubbard
Lewis, Frank K.  171th OVI Co. H, (1844-1905 West) Farmington
Lewis, Frederick K.   19th OVI Co. C, (1829-1905 Kinsman New) Gustavus
Lewis, Hiram W. 124th OVI Co. E, post-war Mississippi legislator, founder, Farmers & Merchants Bank of Wichita, KS  (1843-1912 KS) Warren
Lewis, Israel D.   19th OVI Co. C, (1846-1922 Chicago) Warren
Lewis, John B.   19th OVI Co. C,  Sgt.  wounded at Stone River, (1837-1916 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
Lewis, John E.   171st OVI Co. D  (1819-1872 Welsh)  Weathersfield
Lewis, Jonathan  171st OVI Co. E  (1840-1899 Sandusky Soldiers Home)  Newton Falls
Lewis, Martin V.B.   8th U.S. Infantry, 1st Lt., (1835-1862 Winchester, VA, Brownwood)  Bloomfield
Lewis, William  19th OVI Co. B, VRC (b.1838) Weathersfield
Leyde, Cyrus B.  171st OVI Co. F, (1834-1894 N F East)  Newton Falls
Liby, Jacob  15th OVI Co. H  (1845-1933)  Warren
Lillibridge, David E.  86th OVI Co. G,  177th OVI Co. G, Corporal (1839-1926 Greenlawn) Greene
Lincoln, Addison E.   41st OVI Co. A  POW (1843- 1914 Oaklawn Mausoleum ) Niles
Lindsley, Lucius O. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's), 29th OVI Co. C,  (1841-1905 IA) Gustavus
Lingo, Samuel W.  3rd OVC Co. A,  (1843-1916 Lucas Co) Milton
Linscott, Chester H.  18th OVI Co. G, (1838-1910 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Linton, Josiah  6th OVC Co. F, Farrier,  (1832-1864 Pricetown Cem) Newton
Lintz, Benjamin  F.  171st OVI Co. F, (1847-1925 Oakwood)  Warren 
Little, George E.  41st OVI Regimental band (1841-1901 N F East)  Newton Falls
Little, J. Warren   171st OVI Co. F   (1838-1899 N F East) Newton Falls
Little, Richard M.  U.S. Navy , steamer USS  Curlin (1835-1921 Oakwood)  Warren
Llewellyn, Morgan 7th OVI Co. I  MIA Cross Lanes, VA (1839-1862) Mineral Ridge 
Lloyd, William   2nd class Fireman, USS Chilicothe (1839-1915 Niles Union)  Niles
Lockwood, Edgar  105th OVI Co. I,  8th Reg't VRC (1844-1936) Hubbard
Lockwood, Theodore A.  24th OVI Co. F  (1842-1916 Niles Union) Niles
Lockwood, Winfield Scott  196th OVI Co. K  (1849-1933 Niles Union) Niles
Lodwick, Almond C.  2nd OH Heavy Artillery, Battery G, Sgt.,  (1835-1898 Akron,OH) Champion
Lodwick, Daniel   105th OVI Co. B Corporal, 177th OVI Co. E Corporal, (1839-1922 Oakwood) Warren
Long, Allen H.  24th OVI Co. F, Corporal,  (1839-1902 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard  
Long, Eli  27th OVI Co. A (b.1843) Braceville
Long, James M.  27th OVI Co. A  (1831-1889 Pinecrest)  Southington
Long, Joshua  19th OVI Co. C   (1839-1918) Newton Falls
Long, Lewis B.  105th OVI Co. B, 124th OVI Co. C,  disabled, (1828-1891) Braceville
Long, Zachariah Jr.  70th OVI Co. F,  (1845-1922 Oakwood) Southington
Longaberger, David 20th OVI Co. H  (1841-1889 German Lutheran) Newton
Longaberger, John  20th OVI Co. H  (1844 - 1920 German Lutheran) Newton
Longmore, Alexander  20th OVI Co. H   disabled  (1833-1901 Oakwood) Lordstown
Loomis, Abner C.  Trumbull Guards, 177th OVI Co. D 2nd Lt.  (1844-1928 Danville, IL) Hartford
Loomis, Charles W.  177th OVI Co. D  (1849-1913) Cortland
Loomis, Wickliffe Charles 177th OVI Co. D, 191st OVI (1848 - 1913 Hillside) Mecca
Lossee, Wallace P.   2nd OVC Co. F, (1842-1920 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Loutzenhisar, David P.  171st OVI Co. G, (1848-1934 Shenango) Gustavus
Loutzenhisar, Jacob  171st OVI Co. G,  (1821-1901 North View) Gustavus
Loutzenhiser, Samuel D.  145th PA Co. G, VRC  (1844-1870 West) Farmington
Loutzenhiser, Thomas  125th OVI Co. B, (1835-1912 Kinsman Presbyterian) Kinsman
Love, Hugh A.   171st OVI Co. C, (1841-1932 Oakwood) Warren
Love, Seth L.  136th PA Co. G   (1839-1909 Oakwood) Bazetta
Loveall, William  14th OH Battery, (1843-1917 IN) Farmington  
Loveland, Edwin B.  41st OVI Co. H, Corporal  wounded at Shiloh, (1837-1892 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Loveland, Mary  Nurse,  joined Nurses Corp after husband Edwin wounded,(1834-1920 Fairview)  Mesopotamia
Loveland, Sylvanus  1st MI Co. I (3 mo's), 2nd OVC Co. C, Farrier,  (1824-1905 Portage Co) Vienna
Loveless, George 6th OVC Co. D (1842-1875 N F East)  Newton 
Loveless, James  7th OVI  Co. H (1836-1880)  Newton 
Loveless, Warren A.  2nd MI Cavalry Co. B  disabled (1833-1897 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Loveless, Washington (Lovelace)  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, 82nd OVI Co. F, POW, Libby Prison, (1839-1903 Oak Hill)  Warren
Lovett, Benjamin F.  2nd OVC Co. B, 2nd Lt.  (1843-1917 N F East) Newton
Lowry, Hugh  105th OVI Co. B,  injured at Kenesaw Mountain, (1840-1906 Disciples) Cortland
Lowry, Robert W.   6th OVC Co. D, POW (1843-1864 at Richmond, VA) Fowler
Luce, Jesse  B. (Luse)19th OVI Co. B (3 mo's), 84th OVI Co. C Corporal, 125th OVI Co. C, wounded at Atlanta, GA (1842-1894 Niles Union) Niles
Lyman, Carlos P. 6th OVC Co. K  wounded, 100th U.S. Colored Troops Co. G Captain, commander of Camp Foster, Nashville, TN, (1838-1917 MA) Bristol
Lyman, Howard F.  18th OVI Co. G, (1842-1928 MT) Mesopotamia
Lynn, Jacob  41st OVI Co. A,  (1835-1896 Luthern Reformed)  Southington