OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry       OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry     VRC = Veteran Reserve (Invalid) Corp
other states abbreviated

Lacy, Amos  42nd US Colored Troops Co. K (1846 - 1917 Belmont) Youngstown
Lacy, John R.  17th U.S.Colored Troops,  Co. K, (1846-1899) Warren
Lachman, John R.  46th OVI, Musician, Trumbull County Clerk of Courts (1841-1913 Oakwood) Warren 
Lafferty, John  6th OVC Co. G, Corporal  (b. 1837 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
Laird, James A.  2nd OH Heavy Artillery, (1843-1918 IL)  Mesopotamia
Laird, Seth M.  14th OH Battery, Captain,  post-war Trumbull County Sheriff 1866-1869 (1833-1894 Pierre SD) Mesopotamia
Lake, Bruce H.   41st OVI Co. K, Corporal, (1844-1909 Oakwood) Cortland
Lake, John P.  24th OVI Co. F, Sgt., wounded at Chickamauga, (1831-1923 Van Wert, OH) Cortland
Lake, Lafayette 125th OVI Co. C, 105th OVI Co. B, 38th OVI Co. B, post-war U.S. Army (1844-1894 Hillside) Bazetta
Lamb, James R.  124th OVI Co. D, (1842-1911 Oakwood) Warren
Lamb, John H.  7th OVI Co. H, 19th OVI Co. E,  wounded at Stone River, VRC (1840-1917 Oakwood) Lordstown
Lamberson, William D.  171st OVI Co. H,  (1826-1898 West)  Farmington
Lamphear, Laurin Kirk   7th OVI  (1843-1869 Oakwood)  Howland
Lamphier, Alfred  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1845-1917 Greenlawn)  Greene
Lampson, Freeman A.  86th OVI Co. B,  (1843-1915 Fowler Center)  Fowler
Landers, Joseph  19th OVI Co. C, (1834-1898 Champion) Warren
Lane, Austin W. 14th Light Artillery  (1841-1862 Champion) Champion
Lane, Edward H.  1st MI Cavalry Co. M,  MIA (1840-1864) Braceville
Lane, Enos  41st OVI Co. A, (1845-1921 KS) Bazetta
Lane, Floyd D.  29th OVI Co. C, (1834-1903 PA) Gustavus
Lane, George 1st OH Artillery, 38th OVI Co. B (1835-1915 West View) Vernon 
Lane, George M. (aka George M. Booth) 8th MI Cavalry Co. M, Bugler (1847-1902) Oakwood) Warren

Lane, Jehiel Jr. 29th OVI Co,. G  (b. 1843) Hartford
Lane, Jehiel Sr.  29th OVI Co. G, (1808-1870 Akron) Braceville
Lane, Laureston  19th OVI Co. G, Sgt.(1840-1913 Center) Braceville
Lane, Lester  19th OVI Co. G, disabled (1844-1867 Center)  Braceville
Lane, Oliver G.  6th OVC Co. E  Sgt. (1845-1925 Greenlawn) Greene
Lane, Riley  (SEE ROOD, RILEY L.)
Lang, Nathaniel  121st PA Co. I, Co. F Captain, post-war County Common Pleas bailiff, (1835-1930 Oakwood) Warren
Langley, Morgan W.  87th OVI Co. B (1844-1900 Evergreen South) Cortland
Lanigan, Richard (aka Richard Welsh) 8th PA Co. E Corporal, U.S. Navy, (1840-1923 St. Stephens) Niles
Lanterman, Henry B.  2nd OVC Co. E, POW, (1832-1915 MI) Warren
Latimer, James O.  19th OVI Co. D, 29th OVI Co. A,  wounded at Pine Knob, GA, post-war doctor, school board member (1836-1923 West) Farmington
Latimer, Joseph  19th OVI Co. C, (1826-1914 Oakwood) Howland
Latimer, Robert  177th OVI Co. E (1844-1925 Oakwood)  Howland  
Latimer, Thomas  24th OVI Co. F (b. 1840) Warren  
Lattin, Clark  6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K  (1840-1863 Nashville, West Bazetta) Bazetta
Lattin, Eli  125th OVI unassigned recruit (1834-1864 Columbus, OH) Greene
Lattin, Ensign  12th U.S. Infantry Co. A  captured at Cedar Hill, died in Andersonville (1843-1864) Bazetta
Lattin, Eugene  41st OVI Co. B, (1838-1910 Disciples) Cortland
Lattin, J. Quincy  125th OVI Co. C  wounded at Resaca, GA,(1843-1926) Greene
Lattin, Wright E.  105th OVI Co. B, (1837-1916 Greenlawn) Greene
Lauder, Charles  19th OVI Co. C (1843-1862 Churchill) Liberty
Laughlin, Hiram  29th OVI  (1842-1921 Oakwood) Mecca 
Laughlin, Parmenas P.  6th OVC Co. C (1836-1865) Mecca  
Laughlin, Silas  2nd OVC Co. C, (1839-1899 Kinsman New) Mecca
Laughson, Barnard  19th OVI Co. C, (1846-k.1864 at Kennesaw Mt., Marietta Nat'l Cem) Weathersfield
Law, John  177th OVI Co. D (1827-1906 Evergreen South) Johnston
Lawrence, Daniel D. Trumbull Guards  (1836-1880 Paltzgraff) Lordstown
Lawrence, Ensign   20th OVI Co. H, (1844-1910 MI) Lordstown  
Lawrence, George  20th OVI Co. H (1838-1899) Lordstown
Lawrence, John  20th OVI Co. H  (1838-1921 N F East)  Lordstown
Lawrence, Peter  41st OVI Co. F  (1845-1933 Pinecrest) Southington
Lawson, George  19th OVI Co. G (1844-1928 PA) Newton
Lawson, John C. 6th OVC Co. E  (1842-1864 Washington DC) Greene
Lawton, Sanford   19th OVI Co. G, Corporal, POW (1824-1874 Center) Braceville  
Leach, Enard  6th OVC Co. I (1838-1920 MI) Mecca  
Lease, Nelson P.  6th OVC Co. I, VRC (1831-1889 Oakwood) Warren
Leavitt, Joseph  19th OVI Co. C, (1842-1898 MI) Liberty 
Leavitt, William 19th OVI Co. C (1844-1930 CA) Niles

Lee, Harrison A.  6th OVC Co. D Bugler, 171st OVI Co. H, 1st Lt., (1837-1917 OK) Farmington
Lee, Russell  20th OVI Co. H, VRC (1829-1902 MI) Farmington  
Lee, Samuel  2nd OVC Co. D, Bugler, 196th OVI Co. D 2nd Lt.  (1838-1923 KS) Farmington
Lee, T. Corwin  179th OVI Co. A, (1847-1867 Meadville PA) Braceville 
Leedy, Walter Franklin   Purnell's Legion,MD Infantry, Drummer,  (1845-1915 Belmont) Youngstown
Lees, Joseph  55th PA Co. K,  (1844-1915 Oakwood)  Warren
Leet, James W.  125th OVI Co. C, (1831-1873 Vienna Center) Vienna
Leet, Rodney D.  2nd OVC Co. D,  (1838-1888 Conneaut, PA) Vienna
Leggett, Mortimer D.  78th OVI, Colonel, Brigadier General, law partner of Jacob Cox, Warren School Superintendent 1849-1851,  Professor of Law, Ohio Law College, Poland, OH  (1821-1898 Cleveland, OH  Lakeview Cem) Warren
Leitch, John G.  171st OVI Co. C, post-war County Commissioner  (1844 - 1913 Niles Union Mausoleum)  Mineral Ridge
Lemley, Gottleib  37th OVI Co. I,  (1840-1901 Youngstown) Warren
Lenox, Jacob 6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K, 29th OVI Co. K (1820-1892 Butler County, PA) Weathersfield
Lenox, John W. 2nd O.H.A. Co. G (1845-1865 Knoxville National Cemetery) Weathersfield 
Lenox, George W. 2nd O.H.A. Co. G, Musician, (b. 1848) Weathersfield  
Leonard, Bryson  75th IL Co. G (1838-1912) Lordstown
Lepley, John P.  171st OVI Co. B, 2nd Lt. (1839-1872 Center) Lordstown
Lepper, Frederick D..  2nd OVC Co. D, (1841-1922 Los Angeles, CA) Mesopotamia
Lepper, Henry J.  179th OVI Co. A, detached to Hospital Duty  (1846-1939 Brownwood) Bloomfield
Leslie, John E.  29th OVI Co. C  (1836-1912 Kinsman New) Kinsman  
Levens, Willard A.  7th OVI Co. H, (1837 - 1928 Kinsman New) Johnston
Lew, Almon B.    171st OVI Co. H (1845-k.1864 Keller's Bridge, KY) Farmington
Lewis, Andrew  171st OVI Co. F,  (1833-1899 N F East)   Newton Falls  
Lewis, David   6th OVC Co. F, corporal, (1843-1903 Cleveland) Warren
Lewis, Dayton  Trumbull Guards, Corporal  (1836-1915 Richmond, MI)  Lordstown
Lewis, Edwin D.  105th OVI Co. B  wounded at Atlanta, GA, (1839-1907 West) Farmington
Lewis, Elias   2nd MD Infantry (Potomac Home Brigade) Co. A  Corporal, (1834-1910 Welsh Cemetery) Weathersfield
Lewis, Evan  19th OVI Co. C, 105th OVI Co. C  (b. 1832 Old North) Hubbard
Lewis, Frank K.  171th OVI Co. H, (1844-1905 West) Farmington
Lewis, Frederick K.   19th OVI Co. C, (1829-1905 Kinsman New) Gustavus
Lewis, Hiram W. 124th OVI Co. E, post-war Mississippi legislator, founder, Farmers & Merchants Bank of Wichita, KS  (1843-1912 KS) Warren
Lewis, Israel D.   19th OVI Co. C, (1846-1922 Chicago) Warren
Lewis, John B.   19th OVI Co. C,  Sgt.  wounded at Stone River, (1837-1916 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
Lewis, John E.   171st OVI Co. D  (1819-1872 Welsh)  Weathersfield
Lewis, Jonathan  171st OVI Co. E  (1840-1899 Sandusky Soldiers Home)  Newton Falls
Lewis, Martin V.B.   8th U.S. Infantry, 1st Lt., (1835-1862 Winchester, VA, Brownwood)  Bloomfield
Lewis, William  19th OVI Co. B, VRC (b.1838) Weathersfield
Leyde, Cyrus B.  171st OVI Co. F, (1834-1894 N F East)  Newton Falls
Liby, Jacob  15th OVI Co. H  (1845-1933)  Warren
Lillibridge, David E.  86th OVI Co. G,  177th OVI Co. G, Corporal (1839-1926 Greenlawn) Greene
Lincoln, Addison E.   41st OVI Co. A  POW (1843- 1914 Oaklawn Mausoleum ) Niles
Lindsley, Lucius O. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's), 29th OVI Co. C,  (1841-1905 IA) Gustavus
Lingo, Samuel W.  3rd OVC Co. A,  (1843-1916 Lucas Co) Milton
Linscott, Chester H.  18th OVI Co. G, (1838-1910 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Linton, Josiah  6th OVC Co. F, Farrier,  (1832-1864 Pricetown Cem) Newton
Lintz, Benjamin  F.  171st OVI Co. F, (1847-1925 Oakwood)  Warren 
Little, George E.  41st OVI Regimental band (1841-1901 N F East)  Newton Falls
Little, J. Warren   171st OVI Co. F   (1838-1899 N F East) Newton Falls
Little, Richard M.  U.S. Navy , steamer USS  Curlin (1835-1921 Oakwood)  Warren
Llewellyn, Morgan 7th OVI Co. I  MIA Cross Lanes, VA (1839-1862) Mineral Ridge 
Lloyd, William   2nd class Fireman, USS Chilicothe (1839-1915 Niles Union)  Niles
Lockwood, Edgar  105th OVI Co. I,  8th Reg't VRC (1844-1936) Hubbard
Lockwood, Theodore A.  24th OVI Co. F  (1842-1916 Niles Union) Niles
Lockwood, Winfield Scott  196th OVI Co. K  (1849-1933 Niles Union) Niles
Lodwick, Almond C.  2nd OH Heavy Artillery, Battery G, Sgt.,  (1835-1898 Akron,OH) Champion
Lodwick, Daniel   105th OVI Co. B Corporal, 177th OVI Co. E Corporal, (1839-1922 Oakwood) Warren
Long, Allen H.  24th OVI Co. F, Corporal,  (1839-1902 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard  
Long, Eli  27th OVI Co. A (b.1843) Braceville
Long, James M.  27th OVI Co. A  (1831-1889 Pinecrest)  Southington
Long, Joshua  19th OVI Co. C   (1839-1918) Newton Falls
Long, Lewis B.  105th OVI Co. B, 124th OVI Co. C,  disabled, (1828-1891) Braceville
Long, Zachariah Jr.  70th OVI Co. F,  (1845-1922 Oakwood) Southington
Longaberger, David 20th OVI Co. H  (1841-1889 German Lutheran) Newton
Longaberger, John  20th OVI Co. H  (1844 - 1920 German Lutheran) Newton
Longmore, Alexander  20th OVI Co. H   disabled  (1833-1901 Oakwood) Lordstown
Loomis, Abner C.  Trumbull Guards, 177th OVI Co. D 2nd Lt.  (1844-1928 Danville, IL) Hartford
Loomis, Charles W.  177th OVI Co. D  (1849-1913) Cortland
Loomis, Wickliffe Charles 177th OVI Co. D, 191st OVI (1848 - 1913 Hillside) Mecca
Lossee, Wallace P.   2nd OVC Co. F, (1842-1920 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Loutzenhisar, David P.  171st OVI Co. G, (1848-1934 Shenango) Gustavus
Loutzenhisar, Jacob  171st OVI Co. G,  (1821-1901 North View) Gustavus
Loutzenhiser, Samuel D.  145th PA Co. G, VRC  (1844-1870 West) Farmington
Loutzenhiser, Thomas  125th OVI Co. B, (1835-1912 Kinsman Presbyterian) Kinsman
Love, Hugh A.   171st OVI Co. C, (1841-1932 Oakwood) Warren
Love, Seth L.  136th PA Co. G   (1839-1909 Oakwood) Bazetta
Loveall, William  14th OH Battery, (1843-1917 IN) Farmington  
Loveland, Edwin B.  41st OVI Co. H, Corporal  wounded at Shiloh, (1837-1892 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Loveland, Mary  Nurse,  joined Nurses Corp after husband Edwin wounded,(1834-1920 Fairview)  Mesopotamia
Loveland, Sylvanus  1st MI Co. I (3 mo's), 2nd OVC Co. C, Farrier,  (1824-1905 Portage Co) Vienna
Loveless, George 6th OVC Co. D (1842-1875 N F East)  Newton 
Loveless, James  7th OVI  Co. H (1836-1880)  Newton 
Loveless, Warren A.  2nd MI Cavalry Co. B  disabled (1833-1897 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Loveless, Washington (Lovelace)  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, 82nd OVI Co. F, POW, Libby Prison, (1839-1903 Oak Hill)  Warren
Lovett, Benjamin F.  2nd OVC Co. B, 2nd Lt.  (1843-1917 N F East) Newton
Lowry, Hugh  105th OVI Co. B,  injured at Kenesaw Mountain, (1840-1906 Disciples) Cortland
Lowry, Robert W.   6th OVC Co. D, POW (1843-1864 at Richmond, VA) Fowler
Luce, Jesse  B. (Luse)19th OVI Co. B (3 mo's), 84th OVI Co. C Corporal, 125th OVI Co. C, wounded at Atlanta, GA (1842-1894 Niles Union) Niles
Lyman, Carlos P. 6th OVC Co. K  wounded, 100th U.S. Colored Troops Co. G Captain, commander of Camp Foster, Nashville, TN, (1838-1917 MA) Bristol
Lyman, Howard F.  18th OVI Co. G, (1842-1928 MT) Mesopotamia
Lynn, Jacob  41st OVI Co. A,  (1835-1896 Luthern Reformed)  Southington