OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry                           OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry
other states abbreviated


MacDonald, Finley A. (McDonald) 41st OVI Co. A, (1844-1917 Chicago IL) Fowler
McAdoo, John S.  4th Independent Battery Light Artillery,  Corporal, post-war Justice of the Peace, (1842-1925 Center) Bloomfield 
McBrier, William J.  193rd PA Co. B  (1842-1916 Sager)  Bristol
McCambridge, Cornelius   2nd IL Light Artillery Battery D (d. 1887) Brookfield
McCarnahan, William W. (see Carnahan, William W.)
McCartney, Andrew  171st OVI Co. E  (1845-1910 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
McCartney, John  19th OVI Co. E, (1838-1928 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
McCartney, S. Henderson  171st OVI Co. D, Sgt., (1837-1869 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
McCarty, Benjamin F.  19th OVI Co. C Sgt.,  6th OVC Co. B (b. 1841) Warren
McCarty, Oren L.  19th OVI Co. C, 19th OVI Co. G, H  Sgt.,  injured at Camp Green, KY  1862,  disabled, (1837-1905 Niles Union)  Niles
McClaskey, Issac O.  13th NY Co. I  (1842-1933 Oakwood) Warren
McCleery, Abner Hunter  171st OVI Co. C, (1845-1915 Niles Union) Liberty
McCleery, James  41st OVI Co. A, 1st Lt., Captain, 54th U.S. Infantry, Captain, Brevet Major, Brevet Brigadier General, post-war LA Freedman's Bureau, Superintendant, Shreveport, LA schools, Congressman from LA  (1837-1871 Cortland Disciples)  Mecca
McClelland, James W.  139th PA Co. A, (1842-1911 Oakwood)  Warren
McClelland, Robert P.  211th PA Co. D, (1840-1916 Oakwood)  Warren
McClurg, William Henry   7th OVI Co. H,  wounded at Winchester, VA 1862, (1839-k 1862, Cedar Mt., VA)  Vienna
McCombs, William S.  14th OH Battery,  (1839-1917 Riverside, Poland OH)  Champion
McConnaughy, Moses  23rd OVI Co. E, (1837-1909 Belmont) Liberty
McConnell, John  84th OVI Co. C, 124th OVI. Co. G,  wounded at Rocky Face Ridge (1845-1899 Oakwood)  Niles
McConnell, John O.    2nd OVC Co. E, transferred to Veterans Reserve Corp, (1835-1914 Pinecrest) Weathersfield
McConnell, Rufus S.  U.S. Navy, USS Nipsic,  Ass't Paymaster, post-war career Naval Paymaster  (1842-1886 Lakeview Cem, Cleveland)  Warren
McCorkle, Archibald  2nd MN Co. A, 2nd Lt.  (1832-1906 Hillside) Fowler
McCormick, David R. 55th PA Militia Co. C,  171st OVI Co. G   (1840-1905 Kinsman New) Kinsman
McCoy,  Charles  6th OVC Co. H,  (1837-1918 Center)  Brookfield
McCoy, Joseph F. 78th PA Co. H or 100th PA Co. D (1844-1920 Oakwood) Warren
McCoy, Thompson  P.  6th OVC Co. E, (1846-1922  Greenlawn) Greene
McCready, Richard  26th OVI Co. G, (1845-1893 PA) Mineral Ridge
McCreary, John C. (McCreery) 12th PA Co. F (3 mo's), 171st OVI Co. C, (b.1835) Hubbard 
McCullum, William (McCollum) 14th OH Battery  (1843-1862  Twp. Cem) Weathersfield
McDermott, Charles  fireman, U.S Navy  (1835-1903) Niles
McDonald, Carlos F. (MacDonald)  6th OVC, Chief Bugler Post-war Physician  (1844-1926 NY) Niles
McDonald, Perry  6th OVC Co. D  (1841-1876 N F East )  Newton Falls  
McDonnell, John  99th PA, U.S. Army  (1835-1916 St. Stephens)  Niles
McFall, Eli   171st OVI Co. G  (1834-1904 Disciple-Price-Hall)  Hubbard
McFall, Simon P.  105th OVI Co. A  wounded at Chickamauga  (1840-1913 Maple Grove)  Hubbard
McFarland, Albert  41st OVI Co. A, (1844-k.1862  at Stones River, TN) Hartford
McFarland,  James H.  6th OVC Co. B, 1st Lt. (1840-1925 IA)  Newton
McGowan, Alonzo   2nd OVC Co. D  1st Lt., (1826-1880 Fairview)  Mesopotamia
McGowan, Charles S.  106th  OVI Co. I,  (1848-1865) Mesopotamia
McGrath, James  171st OVI Co. C, 1st Lt.,  (1831-1905) Girard
McGrew, John P.  7th WV Cav Co. E  (1848-1931)  Newton Falls
McGuire, Thomas  124th OVI Co. D   disabled  (1833-1900 Oakwood) Warren
McIlree, James   30th IA Co. K  (1828-1903 East Farmington)  Bristol
McIlree, John  22nd IA Co. K  (1824-1863 Vicksburg Nat'l Cem.) Bristol
McKallip, John C. (McKellep) 6th OVC Co. I,  Blacksmith (1834-1871 Center) Champion
McKay, Florentine  124th OVI Co. D, captured & paroled,  disabled  (1838-1905 Los Angeles Nat'l Cem) Farmington
McKee, Benjamin   Trumbull Guards  (1842-1916 Oakwood)  Lordstown
McKee, Thomas J.  103rd PA Co. C  wounded at New Berne, NC  (1840-1910 Chicago, IL)  Girard
McKeeffery, Thomas  6th U.S. Cav Co. F., wounded & POW, Libby, Belle Isle Prisons,  Warren  
McKinley, Theron S. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's),  105th OVI  (1839-1903 Oak Hill)  Girard 
McKinley, William Jr. 23rd OVI Comm. Sgt.,  Co. E 2nd Lt, Co. G Captain, Staff of Gen. Crook, Major,(1843-1901 Canton, OH) Niles  (for more on President William McKinley)
McKinley, William J.  125th OVI Co. C,  wounded at Chickamauga, Rocky Face Ridge  (1845-1917 Maple Grove) Hubbard
McKinnie, David  K.  2nd OVC Co. F, disabled   155th OVI Co. F, (1835-1904 Kinsman New) Kinsman
McKinnie, Linus P.   21st IA Co. G, Corporal (b.1831) Kinsman
McLain, James  19th OVI Co. I & G,  (1841-1883 Duck Creek) Warren
McLain, John C. 84th OVI Co. C, Sgt. (1838-1918 WA) Warren 
McLain, Richard H.  105th OVI Co. C (1843-1864 Hawley) Weathersfield 
McLain, Robert T.  6th OVC Co.  G, Saddler, POW (1839-1864 Richmond, VA Nat'l Cem)  Weathersfield
McMahon, Thomas  87th OVI Co. F, (1832-1917 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Weathersfield
McMahon, William W. 20th OVI Co. A, Sgt. (1832-1916 Hillside) Bazetta
McManus, Miles (McMannis) 6th OVC Co. I, POW  (1822-1865 "Sultana" explosion)  Warren
McMichael, Dudley D.  125th OVI Co. C  (d. 1863 Kinsman Presbyterian) Williamsfield
McMurren, Robert A. 171st OVI Co. C, Sgt.  (1842-1866 Seceders Corners) Brookfield
McNutt, Corenlius   125th OVI Co. C  disabled  (1827-1904 Oakwood) Warren 
McQuiston, Henry 6th US Cav Co. K 2nd Lt. (1839-1903 CA) Warren
McQuiston, Hiram  7th OVI Co. H, 6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K (1837-1918 Oakwood) Warren
McQuiston, Ulysses  6th US Cav Co. K,  (1843-1863 Oakwood) Warren
McRoberts, James  100th PA Co. A, Sgt.  (1833-1913 Union)  Niles
McWilliams, John B. SEE BUSHNELL, JOHN