OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry     OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry  VRC = Veteran Reserve (Invalid) Corp
other states abbreviated
Packard, Alpheus J.  7th OVI Co. H  (1839-1913 Champion) Champion
Packard, Jasper  128th IN, Lt. Col., Col., Brevet Brigadier General  (1832-1899 IN) Austintown
Packard, Marcus A. 3rd IA Cavalry Co. K,  QM Sgt.   (1832-1902 Center) Champion
Packard, Robert Russel.  8th KS Co. H  (1833-1866 Center) Champion
Palfreeman, Edward S.  105th OVI Co. B Sgt.  (1843-1864 Murfreesboro, TN) Greene
Palmer, Alexander  13th OVI Co. B  (1836-1875 Girard-Liberty Union) Brookfield
Palmer, Frank G.   2nd OVC Co. D, Sgt. (1836-1864 Andersonville)  Farmington
Palmer, Seward S.  41st OVI Co. A Sgt., 1st Lt. Adjutant, Captain (1843-1920) Hartford
Palmeter, Luman B.  78th PA Co. C  (1846-1928 Niles Union) Brookfield  
Paradine, Thomas  24th OVI Co. F (b.1828) Hartford
Pardee, Lloyd H. 5th OVI Co. F  (1845-1905 Oakwood) Warren
Park, David W.  19th OVI Co. G,  (1843-1864 Danville Prison) Newton Falls
Park, John  H. 171st OVI Co. A,  (1822-1904) Weathersfield
Park, William A.  19th OVI Co. G  (1841-1863 TN) Newton
Parke, Lynn L.  177th OVI (1847-1925 Hillside) Bazetta
Parke, William L. 177th OVI Co. E  (1847-1925 Hillside)
Parker, Albert L.  41st OVI Co A, (1830-1865 TX, Alexandria Nat'l Cem, LA) Kinsman

Parker, Almon  171st OVI Co. G  (1831-1903 Presbyterian) Kinsman
Parker, Andrew C.  41st OVI Co. A  Sgt.,  wounded at Shiloh  (1838-1910 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Parker, Anson   171st OVI Co. F, (1933-1907  Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Parker, Austin G.  171st OVI Co. B, 196th OVI Co. D  (1847-1925 Niles Union)  Niles  
Parker, Azor  A.  2nd OVC Co. C, 25th OH Battery (1841-1916 Ravenna)  Newton  
Parker, Bostwick F. 2nd HA, Co. G, Corporal   (1845-1908 Oakwood) Howland
Parker, David B.  29th OVI Co. C, wounded at Cedar Mountain (1844-1862 Alexandria, VA Nat'l Cem) Johnston
Parker, George Washington  19th OVI Co. C, Sgt.  (1820-1872 Niles Union)  Niles  
Parker, Isaac N.  14th OH Battery Sgt. (1840- <1880)  Bloomfield  
Parker, James   171st OVI Co. D, (1833-1901 Kerr) Mineral Ridge  
Parker, Robert   125th OVI Co. C Corporal, wounded at Resaca, GA (b.1836)  Mecca 
Parker, William P.  19th OVI Co. G, Musician  (b.1843) Niles
Parks, Darius   10th PA Co. K, wounded at White Oaks Swamp,  2nd Bull Run, captured at Fredericksburg, (1835-1895 Kerr) Niles  
Parks, John (Park) 6th OVC Co. I, Farrier (1841-1922 MI) Bazetta  
Parks, Samuel W. 6th OVC Co. G, captured at Gettysburg  (1844-1864 Andersonville) Weathersfield 
Parks, William 19th OVI Co. G, Corporal (b. 1845) Weathersfield 
Parks, William H. 177th OVI Co. E, (b. 1848) Mecca  
Parrish, George  19th OVI Co. B, wounded Chickamauga (1842-1863 Chattanooga) Hubbard
Parsons, David   14th OH Battery,  (1846-1914 Belmont) Cortland
Parsons, George  19th OVI Co. C  (1841-1862 KY) Champion
Parsons, Loren G.  7th WI Cav. Co. F, wounded & captured Gettysburg, (1841 - 1906 Kinsman New) Farmdale  
Partridge, Harvey W. 105th OVI Co. I Sgt., wounded at Chickamauga (1838-1863 Chattanooga) Gustavus  
Partridge, Richard 29th OVI Co. D   (1816 - 1888 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Patterson, Alfred  21st OVI Co. C, Sgt. VRC (b.1838)  Hartford  
Patterson, Allen   6th OVC Co. G   disabled, (1839-1921) Hartford
Patterson, Frederick S. 63rd PA Co. K (1833-1912 Sharon, PA) Hartford
Patterson, Henry L.  19th OVI Co. B, VRC  (1843-1918 Center) Hubbard
Patterson, John E.  115th OVI Co. I, (1826-1897 Churchill) Liberty
Patterson, Myron S. 6th OVC Co. D (1844-1909 CA) Newton
Patterson, William H.  196th OVI Co. E,  (1828-1896 Union) Niles
Patton, David M.  6th PA HA Battery M (1826-1908 Center) Brookfield  
Patton, Hiram  39th OVI Co. D, 24th OVI Co. F  (1825-1896 KS) Vienna
Pauley, James   34th KY Co. H (1847-1886 Seceders Corners) Liberty
Payne, John  145th KY Co. D  (1847-1923 Oakwood) Warren
Peabody, Anson  14th OH Battery, (1836-1862)  Mesopotamia
Peabody, George  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Co. G, (1846-1909 MT) Mesopotamia
Peabody, John   23rd OVI Co. B, wounded at Antietam, wounded & captured at Cloyd's Mt. (b.1844) Mesopotamia
Peabody, Thomas  23rd OVI Co. B, wounded & captured at Winchester, VA (1838-1916 IA) Mesopotamia
Pearce, Benjamin F.  171st OVI  (1841-1910 Niles Union) Lordstown
Peck, Almon  125th OVI Co. B  (1828-1890 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Peck, Byron N.  2nd OVC Co. C, Comm. Sgt. (1843-1875 Oakwood) Brookfield
Peck, Ephraim Ellsworth.  125th OVI Co. B, VRC (1834-1873 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Peck, Fernando C.  86th OVI, 179th OVI Co. A, (1848-1886 FL) Mesopotamia
Peck, Franklin  2nd OVC Co. C  Corporal  (1831-1901 Center) Brookfield
Peck, George   19th OVI Co. G   Corporal  (1844 -1918 Oakwood) Warren
Peck, Theron B.   171st OVI Co. G  captured & paroled, (1845-1920 Kinsman New) Farmdale
Peffer, Sylvester  54th OVI Co. E  Corporal,  wounded & POW, Danville & Andersonville Prisons, (1843-1908) Warren
Peffer, William   Trumbull Guards  (1844-1912 Oakwood) Warren
Pelton, Augustus G.   6th OVC Co. E, (1811-1896 Greenlawn) Greensburg
Pelton, James    41st OVI Co. A  (1834-1862 Louisville, KY) Gustavus
Pelton, Lysander  6th OVI Co. C, Lt., (1814 - 1890 Old Center)  Gustavus
Pelton, Solomon S.  7th OVI Co. H  (1839-1911 Oakwood)  Warren
Pelton, William S.  177th OVI Co. G  (1844-1864 Old Center)  Gustavus 
Pennell, John R.  41st OVI Co. F Sgt.  (1841-1916 Akron) Warren 
Pennell, Robert W. 2nd OVC Co. E Corporal, 25th OH L.A. Sgt. (1842-1900 IL) Mineral Ridge
Pennell, Sylvanus    19th OVI Co.C, 6th OVC Co. D (1841-1925 Liberty Union) Farmington
Percy, Lauren A.  105th OVI Co. B (1838-1883 Greenlawn) Greene  
Perham, Lester W.  41st OVI Co. A  Sgt. (1842-1915 IA) Hartford  
Perkins, Addison  105th OVI Co. B  (1835-1862 Louisville, KY)  Vienna  
Perkins, Henry L.    171st OVI Co. G   musician, (1846-1923 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Perkins, Lucius C.  105th OVI  (1841-1880 Center West)  Gustavus
Perringer, Michael   125th OVI Co. B, teamster, hostler at Gen. Opdycke's HQ, disabled (1830-1895) Bristol
Perry, Philemon   6th OVC Co. K   disabled, (1823-1912 Center) Phalanx
Peterman, William  6th OVC Co. D, Co. L  (1835-1898 NF East)  Newton Falls  
Peterssenn, John (Peterson) 2nd OVC Co. C,  107th OVI Co. C Sgt., Co. E  2nd Lt. (b. 1828) Mecca  
Pettingill, Philander 101st NY Co. K  (1808-1881 Greenlawn) Greene
Peyton, Hamilton  6th OVC Co. D (1835-1902 MI) Fowler 
Pfoust, Edward  41st OVI Co. A, captured Stones River, held at Libby and Belle Isle Prisons, (1842-1888 West Street) Hartford  
Phelps, Clinton H.  125th OVI Co. C (1835-1876 KS) Mecca  
Phelps, Thomas   19th OVI Co. G (1838 - 1897 Center) Brookfield
Phillips, David   41st OVI Co. E  wounded at Shiloh,  disabled, (1831-1897 Center) Southington
Phillips, Enoch  14th OH L.A. Battery  (1845-1862) Greene
Phillips, George   171st OVI Co. D   Sgt. (1831 - 1897 Girard-Liberty Union)
Phillips, Isaac N.  128th OVI Co. I Corporal (1830-1864 Oakwood) Howland
Phillips, Issac N. 3rd Ohio L.A. Battery (1844-1874 Veach-Methodist) Hubbard  
Phillips, Nyrum E. 19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's), 125th OVI Co.C Sgt, Co. I, 1st Lt., Regimental QM, Adjutant (1842-1927 SD) Greene
Pierce, David E.  41st OVI Co. A,wounded at Shiloh,  Independent  KY L.A. Battery E, (1841-1926 TN) Howland
Pierce, Henry  H.  7th OVI Co. H  Corporal, wounded & captured at Chancellorsville, paroled, (1840-1920 Oakwood) Bristolville
Pierce, William L.  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1836-1922 Presbyterian) Champion  
Pinkerton, Gideon Freer   Trumbull Guards,  (1839-1897 West Bazetta) Bazetta
Pinks, T.R.  125th OVI Co. C  (1818-1882 Evergreen) Bristol
Pinney, Smith   104th OVI Co. D   wounded at Franklin, TN, (1836-1913 Greenlawn) Greensburg
Platt, William P.   171st OVI Co. F captured at Kellers Bridge, KY, paroled, (1831-1910 Lordstown Center) Lordstown 
Plumb, Ralph U.S. Army Quartermasters Dept. Lt. Col., pre-war OH State Representative, post-war Congressman (1816-1903 IL) Hartford 
Plympton, Parker 24th OVI Co. F (1830-1862 KY) Mineral Ridge
Pollock, James M. 125th OVI  Co. B (1843- >1897) Johnston
Pond, George W.  171st OVI Co. A, Corporal,  (1841-1923 Oakwood) Warren
Porter, Alonzo H.  171st OVI Co. G, (1822-1896 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Porter, Caldwell  T.   26th OVI Co. D, 171st OVI Co. F  (1844-1864 NF East)  Newton Falls
Porter, Charles  171st OVI Co. F (1837-1920) Bristolville
Porter, Hiram H.   171st OVI Co. F  Sgt. (1845-1912 Newton Falls East)  Newton Falls
Porterfield, James M.   171st OVI Co. C  (1844-1910 Porterfield) Hubbard
Porterfield, William H.   171st OVI Co. C (1839-1917 Porterfield) Hubbard
Potter, Henry A. 171st OVI Co. A  (1832-1903 Oakwood)
Potter, Norman B.  19th OVI Co. G, (1830-1888 Niles Union)  Weathersfield
Pound, Henry E.  2nd OHA Co. M, (1842-1889 Center) Vienna
Pound, Jacob W.  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery M, Artificer, Sgt. (1832-1870) Warren
Pound, Noah J.  105th OVI Co. B  Sgt.  wounded at Chickamauga  (1839-1914 Center) Vienna
Powell, Dwight J.  211th PA Co. D (1848-1919 Oakwood)
Powell, James M.  23rd OVI Co. E, (1838-1911) Warren   
Powers, Edward W. 84th OVI Co. B, 171st OVI Co. D Corporal, (1843-1940 Oak Hill) Mecca
Powers, John 105th OVI Co. C, (b. 1838 Ireland) Weathersfield
Powers, John W.  125th OVI Co. C, (1842-1863 Chattanooga)  Liberty 
Powers, Ridgley C. 125th OVI Co. C, 1st Lt., Adjutant, Co. B Captain, post-war Governor of Mississippi (1836-1912 Los Angeles)  Mecca  
Prentice, Albert D.  105th OVI Co. B, Veterans Reserve Corp, (1842-1912 Champion) Champion
Presho, Robert J., Pvt.  19th OVI Co. G,  (1848-1864 Atlanta) Braceville
Price, Evan  19th OVI Co. G, Corporal,  wounded in TN, (1822-1898 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge
Price, Isaac D.  94th OVI Co. G (1836-1917 Corner House Cem)  Hubbard
Prindle, George L.  2nd OVC Co. D (1843-1862 Liberty Union) Liberty
Prior, Horace A.  6th OVC Co. D, Bugler, (1846-1862 Alexandria, VA Nat'l Cem)  Newton Falls  
Prior, Lewis R. 6th OVC Co. D 1st Lt.,Co. F Captain, (1821-1912 Ravenna)  Newton
Probert, Frederick R. 155th OVI Co. I  (1845-1915 Belmont Elm Sec.)
Proctor, Frank A.  2nd OVC Co. D (1843-1864 near Annapolis, MD) Farmington  
Proctor, Richard C.  100th PA Inf. Co. B (1836-1892 KY) Bloomfield  
Prosser, Joseph  16th PA Co. K  (1829-1875 Churchill) 
Pruden, Alexander S. 87th OVI Co. B, 25th L.A., (1835-1865 Little Rock, AK) Johnston
Pruden, Stephen  105th OVI Co. B,  (1825-1879 Kenilworth) Greene
Quackenbush, Eleazer W.  20th OVI Co. H, Sgt. wounded at Peach Tree Creek, GA, (1828-1864 Atlanta) Lordstown
Quackenbush, James  20th OVI Co. H, Sgt., (1833-1893 Welsh Baptist) Warren
Queal, James (Quail) 177th OVI Co. G (1825-1866 Kenilworth) Greene
Quiggle, William  2nd OVC Co. D,  41st OVI Co. A,  (1840-1917 West Mecca) Mecca
Quigley, James 24th OVI Co. F, Corporal. (1840-1864 Tunnel Hill, GA) Weathersfield
Quigley, Patrick  1st KY Co. I, (1838- >1890 IA) Weathersfield 
Quigley, Thomas 105th OVI Co. C, VRC (1828-1913 Cavalry)  Weathersfield