Sackett, Almon S.  24th OVI Co. F (1830-1896 Nat'l Soldiers Home, Dayton)  Fowler
Saddler, Thomas  41st OVI Co. A  (1839 - 1863 killed at Lookout Mountain) Johnston

Sage, James  105th OVI Co. B (1818 - 1862 Cave Hill, KY) Bristol
Sage, John  29th OVI Co. C 
Sager, Edward W.  105th OVI Co. C  (d. 1863) Bristol
Sager, Henry F.  6th OVC Co. A, bugler, (1837-1921 Sager) Bristol
Sager, Jacob A.  6th OVC Co. A, Corporal,  wounded & disabled at Hawes Shop, VA, (1839-1928 Sager) Bristol
Sager, James D. 14th OH Battery, (1843-1876 Clark Co., OH)  Bloomfield 

Sager, Martin J.  6th OVC Co. A, (k. 1864 Malvern Hill, VA) Bloomfield
Sample, Stewart R.  2nd OVC Co. D, Wagoner (1834 - 1925 Greenlawn) Greene
Sampson, Ivers G.  U.S. Navy, U.S.S. Ozark  (1839-1908 Center) Braceville
Sampson, John 
19th OVI 1st Lt., 171st OVI Captain,  (1824-1913 Churchill) Church Hill
Sanders, A.J.  18th WI Co. E,  Johnston 
Sanders, James  6th OVC Co. D,  Newton
Sanders, John  77th PA Co. H  (1844-1927 Belmont) Liberty
Sanderson, Matthew D. 10th OVC Co. E, Sgt.,  12th OVC Co. K  Warren
Sanderson, Rosto W.  14th OH Battery, (d.1862 Fairview)  Mesopotamia

Sandey, Willard  2nd OVC Co. F, disabled (1840-1895) Kinsman  
Sanner, James  125th OVI Co. C, Corporal (1839-1914 Newton, KS) Mecca  
Satterfield, Byron L.  19th OVI Co. C (1843-1900 Niles Union) Warren
Saunders, William D.  53rd KY Mounted Infantry, Co. E, (1838 - 1911 Center) Vienna
Sawdey, Willard L.  2nd OVC Co. F, (1840 - 1896 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Schaeffer, David  155th OVI Co. G (k.1864 Norfolk, VA  Disciples) Cortland
Schnourr, Frederick (Schnoor, Ferdinand)  PA Indep. Battery Co. B (1820-1898) Girard
Schultz, John  171st OVI Co. H (1824-1901 Oak Hill) Hubbard  
Scofield, John 29th OVI Co.C, F, Drummer, (b. 1840)  Kinsman

Scott, Benjamin Franklin,   5th U.S.C.T. Co. A (1830-1878 Pioneer) Warren  
Scott, Henry J. (Hiram)  105th OVI Co. B Corporal, (1835-1863 Chickamauga)  Mecca  
Scott, James M.  19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's), 84th OVI Co. C Hospital Steward,  (1842-1876 Oakwood) Warren
Scott, Jefferson  10th WV Co. H, (1844 - 1921 Vienna Center) Vienna
Scott, Lorin   2nd OVC Co. C   Newton Falls
Scott, Robert J.  1st PA Heavy Artillery  (1843-1915 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Scott, N. Wick  84th OVI Co. C, Warren
Scoville, Asa E.  58th OVI Co. H (1816-1862 aboard ship) Vienna
Scoville, Austin W. 1st CA Infantry Co. F  (1838-1906 Center) Vienna
Scoville, Bennett  10th Iowa Co. I  (d. 1862 Vicksburg, MS) Vienna
Scoville, Elisha T. 15th Light Artillery, Corporal  (1842 - 1931 Greenlawn) Greene
Scoville, Joseph Gillyard  196th OVI Co. D  (1847-1912 Oakwood) Warren
Scoville, Horace B. 105th OVI Co. C, (1832-1925 Columbiana CO.) Vienna

Scoville, Lucius H.  177th OVI Co. D (1843-1929) Vienna 
Seaburn, William  125th OVI Co. C, wounded at Mission Ridge, (1836-1914 Lawrence Co. PA) Brookfield
Seachrist, Isaiah  105th OVI Co. C, (1841-1923 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
Seagraves, Daniel J.  24th OVI Co. F, 82nd OVI Co. H (1837 - 1923 Oakwood) Niles
Seagraves, George  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G (1848-1931 Franklin Co. OH) Niles
Seagraves, William Henry  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1845-1932 Cabell Co, WV) Niles
Sealy, Esan A. 105th OVI Co. I,  (1835-1864 Nashville, TN) Mesopotamia
Sealy, James  18th OVI Co. G, (1823-1898 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Sears, David S. 6th OVC Co. G, POW  (1837-1917 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Seaton, Lafayette  19th OVI Co. C, 105th OVI Co. C, Corporal (1832-1909 Union)  Niles
Seger, Eli  19th OVI Co. G, (1836-1876 Center) Braceville   
Seger, Ruel   184th OVI Co. H, (1846-1902 Center) Braceville
Selkirk, Nicholas (Michael)  6th OVC Co. A, Blacksmith, disabled (1833-1913 Oakwood) Warren
Settle, Charles  41st OVI Co. A  Sgt. (1842-1911) Vernon 
Shafer, Charles  105th OVI Co. B  (1843-1913)
Shafer, Frank L.   6th OVC Co. G, Sgt., twice wounded (1841-1863 VA)  Mecca
Shafer, Henry S.  19th OVI Co. C  (1838-k.1863 Stones River TN, West Bazetta) Bazetta

Shafer, Hiram  7th OVI Co. H,  wounded at Cedar Mountain, VA (1842-1918 Oakwood) Champion
Shafer, Jacob  105th OVI Co. B, wounded at Chickamauga (1840-1918) Champion 
Shafer, William J.  105th OVI Co. B (1842-1927 Hillside) Cortland
Shaffer, Ambrose C. 19th OVI Co. G, 2nd Lt., (b. 1840)  Weathersfield

Shaffer, George (Shafer) 6th OVC Co. L, Sgt.  (1832 - 1864) Braceville 
Shaffer, Jacob J. 84th OVI Co. C, (b 1836) Weathersfield

Shaffer, Morrison P.  105th OVI Co. B (1845-1935) Champion 
Shaffer, Peter  19th OVI Co. G Sgt., VRC, (b. 1828)  Bristol

Shaffer, Samuel (Shafer)  6th OVC Co. I, (1830 - 1866 Center) Braceville
Shaffer, William 6th OVC Co. I (1830-1916) Howland
Sharp, Andrew J.  177th OVI Co. I (1847-1916) Gustavus
Sharp, Lewis  6th OVC Co. F, (1842-1908 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Shaw, Augustus W.  2nd OVC Co. D,  (1844-1865 Winchester, VA) West Farmington
Shaw, Elon F. 1st Light Artillery, Co. A, Sgt.  (1838 - 1892 Newton Falls East) Newton
Shaw, Joseph 2nd OH Heavy Artillery Co. B, (b. 1839) Newton
Sheffer, William H.  19th OVI Co. C,  (1842-1908 Washington D.C. Soldier's Home) Warren
Shelar, David J.  105th OVI Co. C (1830-1898 Niles Union) Niles
Shelar, Francis 19th OVI Co. G (d. 1887 Niles Union) Niles
Shelar, George  171st OVI Co. B (1831-1910) Niles
Shelar, Jacob E.  171st OVI Co. B, Corporal (1833-1898 Niles Union) Niles  
Shelar, John F.  2nd OVC, Buglar, 25th OH Battery, Buglar   Weathersfield  
Sheldon, Henry F. 128th OVI, Co. A (Hoffman's Battalion) (d. 1863 Johnson's Island) Fowler
Sheldon, Hiram  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G (1842-1906 Center) Vienna 
Shelly, Samuel 1st OH L.A. Co. A, (b. 1831) Newton

Shepherd, Dwight W.  41st OVI Co. A , (1835-1922 MN) Hartford
Sherman, Doc Bronson  24th OVI Co. F,  4th U.S Artillery, Battery M (1835- 1862  killed at Nashville, TN by Provost Guard)  Braceville
Sherman, DeWitt D.  19th OVI Co. G, (1838-1900) Newton Falls
Sherman, James L.  2nd OVC Co. C, Corporal, wounded at Knoxville, (1844-1868 Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Shinn, Samuel A.  177th OVI Co. G  (1826-1865 Smithville, NC) Greene
Shircy, William  41st OVI Co. A  wounded  (1844-1863 Chattanooga Nat'l Cem) Hartford
Shiveley, Andew J.  196th OVI Co. D, (1842-1928 Evergreen) Bristolville
Shively, Henry A. 20th OVI Co. H  (1844-.1863 Vicksburg, Vicksburg National Cem.) Newton
Shoemaker, Alexander  192nd OVI Co. H (1847-1927 Oakwood) Warren
Shonce, Emory  10th OVC Co. H, (1848-1944) Hubbard
Shook, Cornelius  105th OVI Co. C  (1840-1863 Cowan, TN) Liberty
Shorts, David  122nd OVI Co. F, wounded in WV (1838-1907 West) Newton Falls
Shull, Abraham  41st OVI Co. A, (1842-1898)  Hartford  
Shull, Reuben  76th PA Co. B,  (b.1836)  Hartford
Sickels, Samuel B. 31st NJ Co. C,(1824 - 1871 Center) Braceville

Siefert, Joseph S. 37th OVI Co. I (1833-1908 Belmont ) Youngstown
Sill, Cyrus B.  5th PA Heavy Artillery Co. E (1845-1908 Girard-Liberty Union) Girard
Simler, John  19th OVI Co. I (1827-1912 St. Patricks) Hubbard
Simon, Florentine M.  105th OVI Co. H, Sgt., wounded at Perryville, KY, (1843-1918 Oak Hill)  Hubbard
Simon, Jacob  20th OVI Co. H (1844-1915 Belmont)  Lordstown
Simons, Allen E.  23rd OVI Co. B  Corporal, (1842-1892 Iowa) Kinsman
Simpkins, William E. 2nd OVC Co. H, captured & escaped (1832-1904 Niles Union) Vernon
Simpson, Aaron  196th OVI Co. E (d. 1908 Belmont) Youngstown
Simpson, George W.  125th OVI Co. C, Corporal, wounded at Chickamauga, wounded at Resaca, GA  (1822-1864 Resaca, GA) Bristol
Sinclair, John  105th OVI Co. C (1837-1910 Maple Grove) Hubbard
Sisco, Israel  23rd OVI Co. E  (1839-1892 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Sisley, Willis  29th OVI Co. C (1838 - k. 1862 Port Republic, VA, State Line Cem, Crawford Co, PA) Kinsman
Skeldon, George  6th OVC Co. A, Corporal, (1828-1920 Center) Bloomfield
Skinner, Archibald  41st OVI Co. A  (b.1842) Johnston
Skinner, Lorenzo E.  76th OVI Co. B, Corporal  (1838-1914) Warren
Slater, John H. 2nd OH Light Artillery, 105th OVI   (1841-1904 Oakwood) Warren
Sloan, Merrick J.   86th OVI Co. G, 177th OVI Co. G Corporal  (1844-1928 Oakwood) Greene
Smallsreed, William  171st OVI Co. F, 19th OVI Co. G, (1835-1920 German Luthern) Braceville
Smallsreed, Jacob  2nd OVC Co. C  (1836-1863)   Newton Falls
Smiley, William  24th OVI Co. F, wounded  (1830-1915 Oakwood) Warren
Smith, Albert H. 105th OVI Co. I, 86th OVI Co. G. Sgt, (1849-1911 Center) Bloomfield
Smith, Ambrose  15th OH Battery  (1846-1864 Pioneer) Bristol
Smith, Benjamin F.  105th OVI Co. B  (1844-1913 Oakwood) Phalanx
Smith, Byron D.  Trumbull Guards (1845-1897) Bazetta 
Smith, Charles  125th OVI Co. D  (1845-1917 Pinecrest) Southington  
Smith, Charles D. 14th OH Battery,  (b.1845  Disciples Cem.) Cortland  

Smith, Charles R.  7th OVI Co. F, 5th OVI Co. G,   (b.1843) Newton  
Smith, Charles R.  41st OVI Co. A, Corporal  (1842- k.1864 Pickett's Mill, GA) Vernon 
Smith, Charles W.   Trumbull Guards, Captain  (1821-1879 Oakwood)
Smith, Correl  19th OVI Co. G, Captain, 2nd Battalion, Pioneer Brigade, Captain,  (1840-1913 Chicago, IL) Bloomfield

Smith, Dennis T.  Squirrel Hunters  (1833-1911) Mesopotamia
Smith, Emery  19th OVI Co. D  (1842-1922 Belmont) Youngstown 
Smith, Dr. George G.  9th MI Co. K, Sgt., Surgeon  (d. 1883) Bazetta 
Smith, George J. 105th OVI Co. H, Sgt., Braceville

Smith, Henderson 24th OVI Co. F, 177th OVI Co. E, Sgt., (1843-1910) Fowler
Smith, Henry C. 84th OVI Co. C, 86th OVI Co. G, Corporal (1844-1864 Smith - Bower)  Mesopotamia
Smith, Hiram H.  19th OVI Co. G, 171st OVI Co. F, (1847-1911 Center) Braceville
Smith, Dr. Joseph T.   2nd OVC Surgeon  (d. 1907) Warren
Smith, James H. 171st OVI Co. A  Sgt. ( 1835- 1885 Oakwood)  Warren
Smith, James S.  171st OVI Co. A  (1844-1879) Warren
Smith, John    105th OVI Co. B (1841-1916 Center) Braceville 
Smith, John L.  19th OVI Co. C, wounded in head,  POW at Florence & Andersonville, Mayor of Warren 1887-1890  (1841-1899 Oakwood) Warren
Smith, John M.  41st OVI Co. A  (1821-1898 Hayes) Burghill
Smith, John M.  103rd PA Co. A  (1843-1914 Oakwood) Gustavus  
Smith, John S. 20th OVI Co. B (3 mo's), H (b. 1817)  Braceville 
Smith, Josiah  25th OH Battery  (1846-1917 Oakwood) Warren
Smith, Justin E.  21st OVI Co. K, Acting Assistant Surgeon  (1832-1862 Cincinnati) Bloomfield
Smith, Milo  M.   171st OVI Co. E, Sgt.   ( 1842-1871) Newton Falls
Smith, Nathan  20th OVI Co. H  (1837-1916 Oakwood)  Southington
Smith, Seabury  19th OVI Co. C (3 mo's), 125th OVI Co. B, Sgt. Co. I , Sgt. Major (1843 -k.1864 Dandridge,TN) Kinsman
Smith, Stephen  171st OVI Co. G  (1839-1919 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Smith, Stephen A.  91st OVI Co. H, Corporal, 17th VRC (1830-1910 Dayton Soldier's Home) Brookfield
Smith, William T.  125th OVI Co. B (1831-1875 MI) Bloomfield
Sneary, Lemuel L.  57th OVI Co. A  (1840-1927) Cortland  
Snodgrass, Hugh J.  105th OVI Co. B (1829-1879 Union Co. OH)  Bazetta
Snow, James H.  171st OVI Co. H  (1845-1902 PA) Farmington
Snyder, George W.  84th OVI Co. C, (1836-1928) Orangeville 
Snyder, Thomas C. 41st OVI Co. A, 171st OVI Co. A, 177th OVI Co. G 1st Sgt., (1843-1913 Canton, OH) Vienna

Soule, Lyman T.  171st OVI Co. F, Captain ( 1832-1897 Newton Falls East)  Newton Falls  
Soule, Warren  2nd OVC Co. C, 25th OH L.A. Wagoner (1838-1864 Little Rock, AR) Warren
South, Franklin A.  62nd OVI Co. K, 67th OVI Co. K  (1841-1914) Niles

Sparks, Lorenzo H.   105th OVI Co. B, Corporal  (1843-1921Greenlawn) Triumph
Spear, Andrew F.  134th PA Co. G  (1835-1916 Oakwood)  Warren
Spear, Edward W. Jr.  14th OH Battery, 1st Lt., 15th OH Battery, Captain  (1829-1902 Soldiers Home, Milwaukee, WI)  Warren
Spencer, Dwight  Trumbull Guards (1846-1909 West Street) Hartford  
Spencer, Horace  Trumbull Guards (b. 1843)  Hartford
Spencer, James  41st OVI Co. A (d. 1881 Center) Brookfield

Spencer, Lucius  2nd CT HA Battery B,(1846-1889 Center) Brookfield
Spencer, Owen   41st OVI Co. A, (1840 - 1863 Hillsboro, TN)  Hartford
Spencer, Robert C.  2nd OVC Co. C, (b. 1841)  Kinsman
Spencer, Samuel C.  Trumbull Guards, Musician (1844-1894 West) Hartford
Spencer, Samuel H.  49th OVI, Asst. Surgeon (1814-1888 Disciples) Cortland
Spencer, Samuel S.  23rd OVI Co. B  (1824-1861 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Spencer, Thomas Corwin   29th OVI. musician  (1843-1922 Oakwood) Burghill
Spencer, Wayne  32nd OVI Co. E   (b. 1849 Disciple-Price-Hall) Hubbard
Spencer, Wilbur    Trumbull Guards, (b. 1842)  Hartford 
Sperry, Aaron A. 2nd OVC Co. M,  6th OVC, 
25th OH Battery (b. 1831) Johnston 
Sperry, John F.  34th OVI Co. C, 36th OVI Co. C  (b. 1832) Mecca
Spitler, Noah  196th OVI Co. K  (1835-1902) Bristol
Sponseller, Samuel  41st OVI Co. E  (1840-1895 Bay Co. MI)  Braceville
Sprague, Francis  125th OVI Co. B,  wounded, 179 OVI Co. A, Bloomfield   

Sprague, George F.  14th OH Battery  (d.June 9,1862) Bloomfield
Sprague, Lester F.  14th OH Battery  (d.May 12,1862) Bloomfield
Sprague, Philander M.  179th OVI Co. A, (1845-1865 Nashville) Bloomfield
Squires, Albert  29th OVI Co. I  (1845-1913) Vienna
Squires, Charles S. 115th OVI Co. C  (1841-1916  St. Patricks) Hubbard
St. John, Clayton  177th OVI  (1836-1910 North View) Gustavus  
Stahl, Elias  2nd OVC Co. C Corporal  (b.1837)  Lordstown
Stambaugh, John E.  105th OVI Co. A  (1841-1902 Oak Hill) Liberty

Stamm, Charles E.  139th PA Co. A, 93rd PA Co. C  (1847-1927 Sandusky Soldier's Home) Warren
Stanley, James  20th OVI Co. H (1840-1915) Lordstown
Stanhope, Benjamin C.  2nd OVC Co. B Captain,  6th OVC, Major, wounded  at Aldie, VA (1829-1863) Kinsman 
Stansfield, Philip  24th OVI Co. F  (1836-1891 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield

Stanton, John M. 15th OH Battery  (1847-1908 Oak Hill) Warren
Starr, Charles   171st OVI Co. F  (1845-1924 Newton Falls East)  Newton Falls  
Starr, Erwin  24th OVI Co. F (1841-1861 Cheat Mt.) Howland
Steadman, Edward E.  6th OVC, Chief Bugler (b. 1845) Newton
Steele, Chester   171st OVI Co. H, (1834-1925 West) Farmington
Steele, Henry  2nd OVC Co. D (1844-1864 Nashville) Farmington  
Stephens, James F.  171st OVI Co. C (1834-1880 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard   
Stephens, Thomas 19th OVI Co. G (1820-1863) Braceville

Stephenson, Decatur  6th OVC Co. E, Corporal  (1828-1889 KS) Greene  
Stevens, Calvin   6th OVC Co. I, disabled (1923-1896 King & Kennedy) Howland

Stevens, Charles J.  6th OVC Co. C (1842-1923) Braceville
Stevens, Horace  29th OVI Co. I  (1829-1903) Leavittsburg  
Stevens, Joseph 65th Co. B OVI  (b. 1833) Warren
Stevens, Ray  6th OVC Co. C,  (d. 1862 Columbus, OH) Warren

Stevenson, Robert Gilmer  106th IL, surgeon, wounded & disabled in MS (1838-1917 Belmont) Hubbard 
Steward, David  193rd NY Co. H  (1838-1878 Oakwood)

Stewart, Charles  105th OVI Co. B  (1838-1911) Hubbard
Stewart, Charles J. 212 PA Co. I, (6th PA Heavy Artillery) Corporal, wounded,  (1842 -  1923) Braceville
Stewart, Edmund  19th OVI Co. G, (b. 1842)  Niles
Stewart, James  6th OVC Co. I Comm..Sgt.  (1840-1864 Hawes Shop, VA,  Oakwood) Champion 
Stewart, James 84th OVI Co. C, (b. 1842)  Hubbard 
Stewart, James A. 105th OVI Co. C, (1837- 1888) Vienna

Stewart, Nelson O.  105th OVI  Co. C, (1842-1863 Niles Union)  Niles
Stewart, Robert J.  105th OVI Co. C, Corporal  wounded & disabled at Perryville, (1837-1905) Vienna
Stewart, Robinson  19th OVI Co. G, (b.1845) Niles
Stewart, William  105th OVI Co. A, (1842- 1863 TN) Champion
Stiles, Albert W.  19th OVI Co. D,  6th OVC Co. E, Captain, post-war Ashtabula County Sheriff, Superintendent of Ohio Girls Industrial Home  (1841-1919 Rock Creek, OH)  Warren  
Stiles, Asa D. 22nd IA Co. F (1834-1915 SD) Warren
Stiles, George M. 171st OVI Principal Musician (1840-1872 Oakwood) Warren

Stiles, William C.  6th OVC Co. A, Sgt.  (1844 - 1899 Oakwood) Warren
Stitle, Israel  20th OVI Co. H  (b.1842) Lordstown
Stockwell, Charles E.  39th OVI Co. F, 12th Battery, Corporal  (1838-1921 Greenlawn) Greensburg
Stone, George H. 
 6th OVC Co. E, Sgt. (1840 - 1900 Fairview) Mesopotamia  
Stone, George W.  1st OH Battery Co. I, 12th OH Battery  Weathersfield
Stone, John L.  7th OVI Co. B, wounded at Cedar Mountain, 171st OVI Co. B, (b. 1839) Niles  
Stone, Samuel K.  42nd OVI Co. F, wounded three times
, (1843-1916 Garrettsville, OH) Newton
Storier, John J.  171st OVI Co., (1844 -k.
1864 Kellers Bridge, KY, Kinsman New)  Kinsman
Storier, John T.  105th OVI Co. I  (1844 - 1915 Clisby) Gustavus
Stowe, Chester  171st OVI Co. H, Corporal  (1829-1899 Center) Braceville
Stowe, Franklin E.  19th OVI Co. G, Captain, ( 1813 - 1862) Braceville
Stowe, Thomas      W. Farmington
Stranahan, Robert  171st OVI Co. D, Sgt.  (1834-1915 Center) Vienna
Stratton, George  125th OVI Co. B, (b.1837 Green Lawn) Greene
Stratton, Henry G., 19th OVI Co. Lt. Colonel,  wounded, Stones River, (1837-1910 Los Angeles Nat'l Cem)  Warren   
Strickland, Clarkson B.  41st OVI Co. B, Corporal, (1844-1911 West Farmington) Bazetta
Strickland, Simon C.  38th WI Co. B, 2nd Lt., wounded at Petersburg (1830-1912 Hillside) Cortland
Strickland, William Wilberforce  171st OVI Co. H, (1848-1864 Johnsons Island, Hillside Cem.)  West Farmington
Strock, Abram 41st OVI Co. E, wounded at Resaca, GA (1842 - 1864 Chattanooga)  Newton Falls 
Strock, Henry  5th OVI Co. E, (1846-1900 Brunstetter, Austintown) Lordstown
Strock, Isaac  20th OVI Co. H, (1846-1864 Chattanooga) Newton Falls
Strock, Lewis  196th OVI Co. D, (1846-1929 Evergreen) Bristolville
Strock, Martin  122nd OVI Co. G, (1827-1884 Oakwood)  Lordstown
Strock, Nelson  20th OVI Co. H, (1838-1911 MI) Southington

Strock, Washington  17th OVI Co. A (1846-1930 West)  Farmington
Strohm, Jacob  2nd OVC Co. D QM Sgt., 171st OVI Co. H  (1824-1898)  Farmington
Strong, Clayton  142nd OVI Co. H  (1847-1927 Oakwood)
Stroud, Chauncey W.  5th IA Cavalry Co. A, Corporal, (1838-1902 Otoe Co. NE) Mesopotamia
Stroud, Louis H.  8th IA Infantry Co. K, (b.1832) Mesopotamia 
Struble, David  1st PA Rifles Co. D, wounded at Spotsylvania (1839-.1927 Dayton Nat'l Soldiers Home, Veach) Hubbard
Struble, George G.  2nd OVC Co. C  (1846 - 1902 Center) Brookfield
Struble, Jasper C.   2nd OVC Co. C, 25th OH Battery  (1841-1879 Disciples) Cortland
Struble, John M.  6th OVC Co. B, (1843 - 1864 died at Brandy Station, VA) Hubbard
Struble, Nelson  6th OVC Co. I  (1839-1866 West Bazetta) Bazetta
Stull, Homer H.  14th OH Battery,  Lt. (1828-1863 Jackson, TN, stone in Hillside Cem. erected by veterans of the 14th) Farmington
Sullivant, William  24th OVI Co. F, Corporal, (1835 - 1906 Clisby) Gustavus
Sullivan, Andrew  161st NY Co. G, (Center) Braceville
Sullivan, James  35th NJ Co. B    (1845 - 1890 St. Patricks) Hubbard
Summerlin, Wilson  (Somerlin) 6th OVC Co. C  (b. 1814) Weathersfield
Summerville, David W. 7th OVI Co. C, H, (1843-1922 IA) Brookfield 
Suplee, Euclid M. 29th OVI Co. C, I, 6th OVC Co. M, Sgt. wounded at Malvern Hill, VA, (1842-1909 NJ) Gustavus

Supple, John (Sipple)  19th OVI Co. H,  24th OVI Co. F (1837-1881) Warren
Sutcliffe, Ralph  10th OVC Co. H (1845-1900 Oakwood) Warren
Sutherland, Alexander L.  147th OVI Co. A  (1830-1892 MI)   Newton Falls
Sutherland,  Henry C.  9th MN Co. C (1833-1896 Texarkana, AK) Newton Falls
Sutherland, Newton J. 171st OVI Co. E, Lt.  (1823-1886 NF East) Newton Falls
Sutliff, Plumb W.  196th OVI Co. D  (1847-1900 Oakwood) Warren
Sutlift, Joseph J.  6th OVC Co. D, disabled, (1836-1914 Evergreen) Bristolville
Sutton, Samual  105th OVI Co. C  (1843-1870 Girard-Liberty Union) Liberty
Swager, Issac   6th OVC Co. I, disabled  (1817-1887 Howland Hill) Howland   
Swartz, Enos  2nd OVC Co. C  (1840-1911 Elkhart, IN) Vernon  
Swartz, Joshua  56th PA Co. B (1839-1890 Riverside-Kerr) Weathersfield
Swartz, Michael  125th OVI Co. C, wounded & captured Chickamauga  (b.1843) Vernon  

Swindler, Henry R.  171st OVI Co. B, Corporal (1838-1902 SD) Niles
Swindler, Richard O.  171st OVI Co. B, Captain,  (1845-1884) Weathersfield