OVC = Ohio Volunteer Cavalry                           OVI = Ohio Volunteer Infantry
other states abbreviated


Taft, Benjamin Franklin  177th OVI Co. H. (1835 - 1907, Natoma Cemetery, Osborne Co., Kansas) Kinsman 
Taft, Hobart L. (Robert)  19th OVI Co. G,  (1841 - 1917 Center) Braceville
Taft, Newton A.    7th OVI, 171st OVI Co. F, wounded at Chancellorsville,  (1843 - 1898 Center) Braceville
Taft, Reuben E.   41st OVI Co. K, disabled (1844-1919 Crawford Co. PA) Kinsman
Taft, Samuel K.   105th OVI Co. B, wounded Perrysville, KY, (d.1862)  West Farmington
Taft, Seth    41st OVI Co. K, disabled Kinsman 
Tague, William 5th U.S. Artillery Battery G, 24th OVI Co. F (1830-1889 CO) Mineral Ridge
Talbitzer, Charles J.  19th OVI Co. C,  wounded at Shiloh, TN (d. 5 May 1862 Niles Union) Niles  
Talbitzer, Charles W.  19th OVI Co. C,Corporal,  wounded at Stones River (1841- 1919 Nebraska) Niles 
Talbot, Charles  27th MA Co. C  (d. 1912) Warren  
Talcott, Whitman Byrd   105th OVI Co. I, wounded at Perrysburg, died in service Dec. 6, 1862, Mesopotamia 
Tallmadge, Henry A.  9th OH Battery, Lt.,   (1830-1869 Oakwood) 
Tanner, Joel E.  29th OVI Co. B, 1st Sgt.,  killed Pine Knob, GA, Fowler
Tansey, Benjamin, colored, escaped MS plantation, cook for 15th OH Battery (d.1913 Oakwood) Warren  
Taylor, Charles  6th OVC Co. G  Liberty
Taylor, Ezra B. 171st OVI Co. A, post-war District Common Pleas Judge, U.S. Congressman (1823-1912 Western Reserve Mausoleum) Warren
Taylor, George H.  86th OVI, 171st OVI Co. A (1847-1915) Warren
Taylor, Hiram W.  25th OH Battery (1844-1927) Greene
Taylor, Lathrop  29th OVI Co. A  (1838-1863) Fowler
Taylor, William   171st OVI Co. H, (1838 - 1921 Hillside) West Mecca
Taxter, Isaac  1st NY ("Lincoln") Cavalry, Veterinary Surgeon,  (1833-1921 Center) Brookfield
Templeton, John S.  38th OVI Co. I, Lt. (d. 1865) Champion
Templeton, William Ira  6th OVC Co. I  (1842 - 1915 Champion) Champion
Terrell, Manoah B.  96th OVI Co. A  (1840 - 1898 Center) Bloomfield
Terry, E.M.  25th PA Co. D  (Center) Vienna
Tew, George E.  171st OVI Co. E,  (1838-1875 Newton Falls East)  Newton Falls
Thatcher, John W.  2nd OVC Co. E, wounded at Winchester, VA, (1837-1898 Duck Creek)) Lordstown
Thayer, Peter  41st OVI Co. C, POW   (d 1911 West) Farmington
Thayer, Solon C.  1st MN Heavy Artillery Battery B, (1844-1928 Columbiana Co.) Warren
Thomas, A. Thomas  105th Co. C  Weathersfield
Thomas, George A.  96th PA Co. D, wounded at Spotsylvania, 6th U.S. Infantry Co. K

Thomas, George M.  105th OVI Co. B, (1825-1901 East)  Farmington
Thomas, John  13th PA Co. F, 63rd PA Co. E (1824-1898 Riverside Kerr) Niles  
Thomas, Lucius H. 2nd OVC Co. C  Kinsman  
Thomas, M.C.  171st OVI  (Niles Union) Niles

Thomas, Thomas A. 105th OVI Co. C  (1844 - 1924 Girard-Liberty Union) Weathersfield
Thomas, Thomas T.  49th PA Co. K  (1835-1905 Niles Union) Niles
Thomas, William  39th OVI Co. K  (Welsh Baptist) Weathersfield
Thomas, William A. 111th PA Co. G, Major  wounded at Lookout Mountain (1834-1916 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Thomas, William D. (d. 1930 Girard-Liberty Union)
Thomas, William L. 6th OVC Co. F, Captain,  Major (1832 - 1871 West) Farmington  
Thompkins, George 2nd OVC Co. H, 25th OH Battery, 6th OVC  Vernon   
Thompson, Cassius O.  6th OVC Co. D, died at City Point, VA 1864

Thompson, Cyrus S.  177th OVI Co. I  West Farmington
Thompson, Edmund  27th U.S. Colored Troops Co. F, Corporal, wounded near Goldsboro, NC (b.1830 Memphis, TN - 1912) Newton Falls
Thompson, James  11th PA Reserves Co. C, killed at Gaines Mills, VA 1862
Thompson, James D.  2nd OVC Co. D, (1824-1912) Bristol
Thompson, James K.  54th PA Co. B  (d. 1906 Oakwood)  
Thompson, John  125th OVI Co. B  Vernon
Thompson, Jonathan  Trumbull Guards,  (1837 - 1900 Oakwood) Warren

Thompson, Luther J.  6th OVC Co. B,  Vernon
Thompson, Mortimer  171st OVI Co. B, Weathersfield
Thompson, Samuel J.  57th PA Co. C, wounded at Petersburg, VA
Thompson, Seth  Squirrel Hunters  (1834-1912 Hartford Center) Hartford
Thompson, Thomas III  (1827 - 1898 Kenilwoth) Greene
Thompson, Thomas M. 125th OVI Co. C, Veteran Reserve Corp (d.1873 East Mecca) Mecca
Thompson, William  125th OVI Co. C  (1841-1865 Deacon Creek - Kagy) Bristol   
Thorn, William S.  125th OVI Co. C  Liberty 
Thornton, Benjamin F. 6th OVC Co. G, (1818-1872 MI) Mineral Ridge
Thornton, James  19th OVI Co. B  Hubbard  
Thornton, Jessie  U.S. Commissary Service, Captain (1818-1895 Oakwood)
Thorp. A.C.  6th OVC Co. A, POW Belle Isle (1823-1905 East) Bristol
Thorp, James B.  14th OH Battery, (d.
1862  Benton Barracks, MO), Bristolville
Thorp, Stephen C.  6th OVC Co. A, Q.M. Sgt.injured Strasburg, VA, captured Forestville, VA, held at Harrisonburg, Staunton, Lynchburg, and Belle Isle, paroled (1823-1905 Deacon Creek)  Bloomfield 
Thorpe, George T.  6th OVC Co. G  Greene
Tibbitts, Austin  105th OVI Co. C, (1838-1914 Niles Union Mausoleum)  Niles

Tickner, Dennis S.  Landsman, U.S. Navy, USS Ozark, USS Great Western,  USS Grampus (1846 - 1924 Oaklawn Mausoleum) Newton
Tidd, James Hillman  196th OVI Co. E, (1831 - 1914 Niles Union ) Niles
Tidd, James Martin   125th OVI Co. B, (d. 1863 Nashville) Kinsman
Tidd, Jeremiah Mervin  105th OVI Co. I, (1838-1907)  Howland
Tift, Egbert  7th OVC  (d. 1936 West) Farmington
Tift, S.B.  2nd IL Cav Co. A  (1842-1945) Greene
Timblin, Alonzo  4th PA Cav Co. B  (1844-1919 Center) Brookfield  
Tinan, Porter S. (Sinan)  6th OVC Co. A 2nd Lt., Captain  (1828-1916) Bloomfield
Titus, Andrew J.  1st NJ Cav Co. K, Farrier  (1834-1896 Kenilworth) Greene 
Tod, George 171st OVI Co. D Musician, (d. 1888) Liberty

Tod, George
** 19th OVI Co. B ( 3 mo's)  post-war President, Brier Hill Iron and Coal (1840-1908 Tod's Homestead)  Warren
Tod, James S.   2nd OVC, Hospital Steward,  (1840 - 1891 Oakwood) Newton

Tod, Robert  7th OVI Co. H  Newton
Todd, William D.  125th OVI Co. C  Liberty
Tompson, James  41st OVI Co. K, wounded at Shiloh, (Burghill Hayes) Latimer

Totten, Hiram W.  25th OH Battery  (1844-1927 Greenlawn) Greene
Townsend, Charles W. 105th OVI Co. C, 12th OVC Co. E, Corporal,   POW Libby (1845-1922) Brookfield
Townsend, Henry H.  19th OVI Co. C, Sgt.,  9th KY 2nd Lt., topographical engineer on staff of General Beatty, General T.J. Woods, post-war Warren Post Master (1840-1872 Oakwood) Warren
Townsend, James G.  105th OVI Co.C, Corporal,  wounded Perryville KY, Brookfield
Tracy, Dudley S.  14th OVI Co. K, operated Underground Railroad Station (1829-1911 Hartford Center) Hartford
Tracy, George C.  171st OVI Co. G, wounded at Keller's Bridge, KY (d. 26 Sept.1864) Kinsman
Tracy, Henry N.  125th OVI Co. B, captured at Chickamauga (1844-1910 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Tracy, Robert. Brewster  6th OVC Co. K, (1832-1903 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Tracy, William Wallace  84th OVI Co. C, Corporal  (d. 1921 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Travis, Chauncey E.  171st OVI Co. H,  (1839-1898 Evergreen) Bristolville
Treen, John D.  29th OVI Co. G, Corporal  (1843-1921) Warren
Trew, William C.   105th OVI Co. B, killed Perryville, KY, 1862,  Farmington
Tribby, Emory  76th PA Co. B, disabled, (d. 1903) Vienna
Tribby, George S.  87th OVI Musician  (d. 1900)  Brookfield
Tribby, Jeffery  84th OVI Co. C, Corporal,  Tyrell Hill
Trimble, Addison  19th OVI Co. C (d. 1861)
Trimble, James A.  6th OVC Co. I, Sgt., (1841-1913 Oakwood) Warren
Trimble, James W. 134th PA Co. A  (1827 - 1893 Niles Union)  Weathersfield
Trimble, William S.   145th PA Co. H, 1st Lt, (d.1887) Orangeville
Troup, William W. 171st OVI Co. F  (1845-1899 Wilson-Pine) Warren 
Truesdale, Charles R.  2nd OVC Co. E, Corporal  (1841- 1914) Warren

Truesdell, Allison  171st OVI Co. A (1845-1917 Oakwood) Vienna
Truesdell, Edwin E.  Trumbull Guards, (1846-1903) Vienna
Truesdell, Henry S.  6th OVC Co. I, wounded at Kelley's Ford, VA, (1838-1919 Center) Vienna
Truesdell, Hurlbert  19th OVI Co. C, (d. 1862 KY) Vienna
Truesdell, James J.  19th OVI Co. C  (1836-1903 Center) Vienna
Truesdell, John J. 19th OVI Co. C, Warren
Truesdell, Robert  19th OVI Co. G, Corporal, (1841-1862 Columbia, KY) Vienna
Truesdell, Sheldon S. 19th OVI Co. C, (1840-1864 killed at Peachtree Creek, GA) Vienna  
Trunkey, Frank  6th OVC QM Sgt., 5th U.S. Colored Troops, Co. M, Captain, (1832-1890 IL)  Vernon 
Tryan, James W. (Tryon)  41st OVI Co. K, Johnston

Tucker, Charles   6th OVC Co. D Newton Falls
Turner, Henry C.  29th OVI Co. A, wounded & captured at Port Republic, VA, held at Libby and Belle Isle Prisons,  (d. 1907) West Farmington
Turney, Jacob  19th OVI Co. C, 105th OVI Co.   Niles
Tuttle, Albert P.  105th OVI Co. B,  (1843-1913) Vienna
Tuttle, Chester 125th OVI Co. C, Corporal, disabled at Lovejoy Station, (1841-1906 Greenlawn) Greene
Tuttle, Henry  1st U.S. Infantry Co. B, corporal, Niles
Tuttle, Jonathan B.  124th OVI Co. A  (d.1863 Murfressboro) Vienna
Tuttle, Osman B.  105th OVI Co. B, Sgt.  (d.1869 Center) Vienna
Tuttle, William S.  2nd OVC Co. C, 25th OH Battery (d.1881 Center) Vienna
Tylee, Samuel H. 171st OVI Co. C, wounded Kellers Bridge, KY (1828-1899 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Tyler, Charles W.  6th OVC Co. G  (1828-1917) Warren
Tyler, Lyman  19th OVI Co., Sgt-Major, (killed  1863 at Stones River) Hubbard  
Tyler, Nathan C.  6th OVC Co. I  Mecca
Tyrrell, Martin  24th OVI Co. F, wounded at Cheat Mountain, VA, disabled, (1828-1888) Mineral Ridge


** Note regarding George Tod: Mr. Tod's grave monument in the Tod Homestead Cemetery, Liberty Twp., indicates that he served in
the 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry  as a 1st Lieutenant. This is not correct. Tod was given a commission by Gov. William Dennison as a 1st Lieutenant 
in the 2nd Ohio Volunteer Militia. This was NOT the 2nd Volunteer Infantry. There is no indication that he accepted the commission or served in any other unit.
His obituary in the Youngstown Vindicator indicates that he suffered from rheumatism by the end of his enlistment as a Private in the 19th Ohio Volunteer Infantry,
Company B, 3 month enlistment term, that precluded him from further service.