Waddell, John  1st OH Light Art. Batt. I, 12th Ind. Battery, wounded at Chancellorsville,Kenesaw Mountain, (1844-1922) Brookfield
Wagar, James M.   Trumbull Guards (1833-1892 Medina Co.) Lordstown
Wagar, John L.  6th OVC Co. E, saddler, 2nd OVC Co. I, (1825-1904 Center) Lordstown
Wagers, Sylvester M. 7th WI Co. H (1838-1905 Leavenworth Soldiers Home, KS) Liberty
Wagoner, Benjamin C.  2nd OVC Co. D, Corporal (1838-1862 Ft. Scott, KS) Bazetta
Wagoner, John  41st OVI Co. A  killed at Stones River, TN
Wakefield, Edmund Burritt  177th OVI Co. G, post-war Minister and Professor at Hiram College (1847-1921) Greene
Wakeman, William S.  6th OVC Co. I, (1841-1923 TN) Gustavus
Walden, Truman L. U.S. Navy, USS Great Western, USS Kickapoo (1838-1909  Pinecrest) Southington
Waldorf, Gilbert L.  6th OVC Co. I, Corporal (1839-1914 MI)  Mecca
Waldorf, William  7th OVI Co. I, (1833-1862 Cedar Mountain, VA, Old North Cem.)  Hubbard
Walker, Allen   7th OVI Co. I, (1843-1903 Oakwood) Warren
Walker, Alexander  19th OVI Co. G (b.1838) Weathersfield
Walker, Henry P.  23rd OVI Co. B, Sgt. (1828-)    Vernon
Walker, Homer B. 19th OVI Co. B, 105th OVI Co. C (1842-1884 Churchill) Liberty
Walker, Robert A. Jr. 177th OVI Co.G, 191st OVI (1832-1912 MI) Braceville
Walker, Samuel  105th OVI Co. C  (1842-1915 CO) Weathersfield
Wallace, John  171st OVI Co. G, (1838-1834) Kinsman
Wallace, Robert  171st OVI Co. G (1835-.1915 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Wallace, William W.  105th OVI Co. I, Captain ((1841 - 1917 Oakwood) Gustavus
Walter, Peter  111th PA Co. I,  wounded at Antietam, Lordstown
Walters, George A.  77th PA Co. B, Corporal  (1841-1935 Hillside) Bazetta
Wambaugh, John   105th OVI Co. C  (b.1841) Weathersfield
Wanneker, Jonus E. (Wannamacher) 105th OVI Co. B, Sgt.,(1838- k.1862 Perryville, KY)  Lordstown
Ward, Daniel S.   102nd PA, PA Ind. Artillery Battery G, (1842-1888 Oakwood) Warren
Ward, William Jr.  15th OH Battery, commissary clerk for 17th Army Corp, captured at Pocotaligo, NC, held at Florence Prison  (1842-1907 Niles Union) Niles
Warner, Emanuel J.  19th OVI Co. H, Sgt., (1841-1899) Warren
Warner, Jacob B. 19th OVI Co. B (3 mo's), (1836-1910 FL) Weathersfield
Warren, Henry D.  3rd WI Cav Co. G (1832-1910) Johnston
Warren, Jones K.  125th OVI Co. B (b.1835) Bazetta
Wartman, Abe  128th OVI Co. I  (1844 - 1891 Center) Vienna
Washburn, George  83rd NY Co. G, (1836-1921) Burghill
Wasson, William  125th OVI Co. B  Corporal, (1842-1920 PA)  Fowler
Waterland, Thomas 84th OVI Co. C, (b.1842) Warren
Waterman, Calvin A.  2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G (1839-1864 Bowling Green, KY, Pioneer) Warren
Waterman, George C.  125th OVI Co. C  (1844-1866 East Mecca) Mecca
Waterman, John H. 2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G  (1846-1927 NE) Warren
Waterman, Richard H.  6th OVC Co. D, (b.1824) Howland
Waterman, Sylvester  125th OVI Co. C, (1843 - k.1864 Kennesaw Mt, buried Nashville, TN)  Mecca
Waters, Darwin W.  7th OVI Co. H, Corporal., 5th OVI Co. B, Sgt. (1837-1919 IA) Bloomfield
Waters, Elmer H.  125th OVI Co. B, wounded in action (1840-1863 Louisville, KY) Gustavus
Waters, Harlan P.  Squirrel Hunters, (b. 1845) Greene
Waters, James W.  171st OVI Co. H, (1830-1904 Fowler Center) Fowler
Watros, Joseph N.  25th OVI Co. B  (1823-1921 Woodlawn, Norwalk, OH) Warren
Watson, William G.  3rd WV Cavalry Co. B,  3rd OH Battery, 2nd Lt., (1837-1922 Oakwood) Warren
Watts, John C.  2nd OVC Co. D, (b. 1831) Mesopotamia
Watts, Oliver P. 62nd OVI Co. A, Newton 
Weaver, John L. 88th OVI Co. D, (b. 1831) Hubbard
Webb, Almon  41st OVI Co. A, wounded at Stones River,Missionary Ridge, (1844-1926 Oakwood) Warren
Webb, Peter L.  86th OVI Co. G, (1846-1911 Oakwood) Warren
Webb, Sherman  Squirrel Hunters (b.1830) Greene
Webber, James  6th OVC Co. L  (1834-1900 Kinsman New) Kinsman
Webster, Alfred  7th OVI Co. H,  6th OVC Co. C (1820-1899 IL) Liberty
Webster, James 1st OH L.A. Co. B, Mineral Ridge
Weeks, John N.  19th OVI Co. C, Commissary Sgt., Pioneer Corp, wounded twice at Stones River, 1st U.S. Engineers,  (1836-1917 Oakwood) Warren
Weir, George W.  134th PA Co. H  (1844-1907 Hillside) Bazetta
Weir, Henry B.  87th OVI Co. B, captured & paroled Harpers Ferry, (1845-1918 Oakwood) Warren
Weir, Virgil N.  86th OVI Co. G, Lt. (1838-1864) West Farmington
Weirick, Albert G.  171st OVI Co. C  wounded at Kellers Bridge, KY (1847-1897 Oak Hill Union) Hubbard
Weiss, Abrahm D.  2nd OVC Co. D, (1839 - 1915 Champion) Champion
Weiss, Henry A.  87th OVI Co. B  (1844-1905 Champion) Champion
Welch, James H.  5th U.S. Cavalry Co. E  (1843-1928) Fowler
Welch, John W. 125th OVI Co. B, (1838 -k.1863 Chickamauga) Hubbard
Welch, Patrick  125th OVI Co. D  (1822-.1892 West) Farmington
Welch, William  105th OVI Co. B  (b.1843) Greene
Weldy, Moses  105th OVI Co. H (1833-1911 Evergreen) Bristol
Weldy, Samuel  105th OVI Co. H (1844-1893 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Werner, John  2nd OVC Co. C, disabled (1828-1908 Hillside) W. Mecca
Weston, Warrington S.  24th OVI Co. F, Captain  (b.1821) Warren
Wheldon, William  6th PA Heavy Artillery, Niles
Whiston, Benjamin F.  6th OVC Co. E  wagon master (1825 - 1909 Hillside) Gustavus
Whiston, Benton  123rd PA Co. G, Battery H, PA Light Artillery,  (1842 - 1891 North View) Gustavus
Whitcomb, Edwin A.  105th OVI Co. I  Sgt.  Warren
White, Addison  7th OVI Co. H,  ambulance corps,  wounded at Ringgold, GA, (1841-1901 Pinecrest)  Southington
White, Auretus S.  18th OVI Co. G, Corporal, (d. 1887) Mesopotamia
White, George W.  2nd OVC Co. D, 25th OH Battery  Southington
White, George W.  38th OVI Co. H, Corporal, color guard (b.1843) Hubbard
White, Jacob  19th OVI Co. C, (1834-1918 Riverside-Kerr) Mineral Ridge
White, John W.  86th OVI Co. A, 171st OVI Co. C
White, Levi  6th OVC Co. D  Southington
White, Lemuel 20th OVI Co. H, 171st OVI Co. B, 196th OVI Co. E Corporal, (1837-1904 Riverside, Cleveland) Weathersfield
White, Lewis P.  6th OVC Co. D, wounded & captured, Libby Prison (1837-1915 Pine Crest) Southington
White, Mahlon B.  84th OVI Co. B, corporal, 171st OVI Co. C  1st Sgt., wounded at Kellers Bridge, KY (1838-1907 Maple Grove) Hubbard
White, Milo H.  14th OH Battery, Mesopotamia
White, Riley  171st OVI Co. H,  7th OVI Co. H,  (1844-1914 Pine Crest) Southington
White, Robert  6th OVC Co. A  Greene
White, Samual H.  15th OH Light Artillery (d. 1895 Riverside-Kerr) Niles
White, Scott A.  6th OVC Co. A   Bristol
White, Sidney  14th MA Light Artillery (1845-1928 W. Bazetta) Bazetta
Whitehouse, Edward  105th OVI Co. C, 8th CT, wounded in VA, (1833-1907 Niles Union) Niles
Whitford, Oscar L.  171st OVI Co. I, captured at Kellers Bridge, KY, ( Newton Falls East)
Whitney, John C. 6th U.S. Cavalry Co. K  Hartford

Whitte, Solomon C.  76th PA Co. A, (Center) Vienna
Whitty, Patrick (Wittey) 6th OVC Co. G, 2nd Bat, VRC (1827-1892) Mineral Ridge
Widnober, Joseph  19th OVI Co. G  Johnston
Wilber, Edward 6th OVC Co. I, Bazetta
Wilcox, Daniel.  105th OVI Co. I, Mesopotamia
Wilcox, George W.  2nd OVC Co. G, (1844-1930) Mesopotamia
Wilcox, John W.  171st OVI Co. H, (1836-1894 West)  Farmington
Wilcox, Robert Alexander  2nd OVC Co. D, Sgt.  (1840-1926) Mesopotamia
Wilcox, William R.  105th OVI Co. I, (d. 1927) Mesopotamia
Wilcox, William S. 2nd OVC Co. D  Farmington
Wilder, John K. 27th CT Infantry Co. B  (1839 -1908 MI) Farmington
Wildman, Ezra  171st OVI Co. H (1823-1903 East Farmington) Champion
Wildman, Harrison  25th OH Battery  Farmington
Wildman, Ira  1st Mississippi Marine Brigade, Co. G, 105th OVI Co. I  (1817-1863 Ft. Henry, TN) West Farmington
Wildman, John E.  105th OVI Co. B  Farmington
Wildman, Stephen  2nd IL Cav. Co. F, 2nd Lt., 2nd Battalion, Veteran Reserve Corp,  wounded Holly Springs, MS  (d. 1864) Farmington
Wiley, Alonzo   63rd OVI, (1821 - 1908 Evergreen) Bristolville
Wilhelm, F.  2nd OVC Co. D,  Mesopotamia
Wilkins, John Jr.  7th OVI Co. H, 26th OVI Co. G, Sgt., disabled,  (1835 -  1902 West) Champion
Wilkins, William T.  64th OVI Co. D (1842-1931 Newton Falls West) Newton Falls
Will, J. Louis  171st OVI Co. B  (1832-1909 Niles Union) Niles
Willis, Charles  25th OH Battery  Brookfield
Willard, Thomas  76th OVI Co. F, Niles
Williams, Alvin  197th OVI Co. D, (1845-1916 Fairview) Mesopotamia
Williams, Benjamin T.  7th OVI Co. B, POW  (1829-1887 Oakwood)
Williams, Daniel   T. 7th OVI Co. B, wounded at Cross Lanes, WV, captured, Libby Prison, paroled and detached to guard for General E.B. Tyler, (1831-1901 Welsh Baptist)  Mineral Ridge
Williams, David 7th OVI Co. I, Weathersfield
Williams, David J.  26th OVI Co. G, (1840 - 1918 Center) Church Hill
Williams, David S. 18th OVI Co. B  (d. 1921 Hillside)
Williams, E. Porter  Squirrel Hunters,  Greene
Williams, Eli 20th OVI Co. K (3 mo's)  (1841 - 1925 Niles Union) Niles
Williams, George W. 6th OVC Co. G, Corporal, POW  (1836-1863 Annapolis, MD,  Seely) Howland
Williams, Howell T.  31st OVI Co. G   (d. 1900 Oakwood) Niles
Williams, James 29th OVI Co. K  (1813-1931 Falls East) Newton Falls
Williams, Jerome E.  177th OVI Co. D  (1848-1904 Dugan) Fowler
Williams, Jesse 84th OVI Co. B, 171st OVI Co. C  (1837 - 1909 Churchill) Liberty
Williams, Joel N.  125th OVI Co. B (1841-1863 Franklin, TN) Kinsman
Williams, John  28th PA Co. K (d. 1910 Union) Niles
Williams, John 125th OVI Co. C  Bloomfield
Williams, John  (1829 - 1880 Niles Union)
Williams, John C.  41st OVI Co. A  (b.1842)
Williams, John S. 
7th OVI Co. H, 105th OVI Co. B, Sgt., twice wounded (1843 - 1922 Greenlawn) Greene
Williams, Johnny  76th PA Co. B, post-war "pugilist"  (d.1884) Warren
Williams, Joseph  24th OVI Co. F (1840-1905) Lordstown
Williams, Lewellyn  26th OVI Co. G  Sgt.  (1842- 1915 Massillon, OH) Weathersfield
Williams, Lewis  125th OVI Co. C  (b.1826) Mecca
Williams, Lewis A.  54th OVI Co. E  (d. 1923) Warren
Williams, Sylvanius S. 171st OVI Co. A, 196th OVI Co. E  (b.1846-1910 Los Angeles) Leavittsburg
Williams, Thomas J.  5th OVI Co. B, (1845-1913 Niles Union) Niles
Williams, Thomas M.  (d. 1888 Niles Union)
Williams, Walter  1st WV Co G & Co. H,  corporal, wounded twice, (1843-1914 Oakwood) Niles
Williams, William 6th OVC Co. B, Corporal, wounded at Malvern Hill, VA, (b.1844) Bloomfield
Williamson, Amzi C.  24th OVI Co. F, 171st OVI Co. A, (1833-1911 Lakeview, Cleveland) Warren
Williamson, Hugh C.   84th OVI Co. C, Sgt. (1820-1887) Fowler
Willock, Stephen  7th OVI Co. I  Corporal  (b. 1842 4 Mile Run Cem.) Weathersfield
Wilmarth, Judson C.  19th OVI Co. G  (1844-1913 IA) Greene
Wilson, Alfred 19th OVI Co. C (1837 - 1913 Oakwood) Warren
Wilson, Andy  Colored contraband servant to Col. J. K. Wing (d. 1868 Center) Bloomfield
Wilson, Austin W.  105th OVI Co. C, Sgt,  171st OVI Co. D, Captain (1839-1892 Girard-Liberty Union)  Liberty
Wilson, Corwin V.  84th OVI Co. C, (1841-1913 NY)   Warren
Wilson, Cyrus  75th Indiana Co. K (1840-1923 IN) Lordstown
Wilson, Frederick K.  3rd NJ Co. A, wounded Fair Oaks, VA, South Mountain, MD, (1836-1910 Center) Bloomfield
Wilson, George  2nd OVC Co. D  (1841-1915 Oakwood) Leavittsburg
Wilson, Ithiel S.   Trumbull Guards, Contract Surgeon, U.S. Volunteers (1833-1871) Bazetta
Wilson,  James A. 84th OVI Co. D, 60th OVI Co. F, (d.1909) Braceville
Wilson, James F.  19th OVI Co. C, disabled, (1843-1922 Oakwood) Warren
Wilson, James G.  171st OVI Co. B (1825 - 1881 Soaptown) Lordstown
Wilson, John  19th OVI Co. C, Warren
Wilson, John R.  (1844 - 1896 Champion) Champion
Wilson, John W.  19th OVI Co. G, wounded  (1841-1912 Oakwood) Warren
Wilson, Joseph  171st OVI Co. H  (d. 1877 West)  Farmington
Wilson, Lawrence  7th OVI Co. D  Sgt., (b.1843)  Southington
Wilson, Lyman  14th OH Battery (b.1839)  Bristol
Wilson, Miller  19th OVI Co. C, Veteran Reserve Corp, (1844-1902 Howland) Howland
Wilson, Milo  19th OVI Co. C, (1846-1882 Belmont Elm Sec.) Weathersfield
Wilson, Peter 19th OVI Co. C, (1844-k.1864 Kennesaw Mt.,Nat'l Mil. Cem., Marietta,GA) Warren
Wilson, Thomas B. 2nd Heavy Artillery Battery G (1845) Mecca
Wilson, Wesley William  19th OVI Co. C, 2nd Heavy Artillery Battery G, (1839-1910 Oakwood) Warren
Wilson, William  2nd OVC, 25th OH Battery, (d. Evart, MI - Church Cemetery) Mecca
Wilson, William  154th OH Co. G, (1835 - 1890 Oakwood)
Winans, Alonzo  7th OVI Co. H  (1832-1884 Newton Falls East) Newton
Winans, James J.  2nd OVC Co. E  Corporal, (1838-1919 West Mecca) Bristol
Winchel, Daniel 6th OVC Co. L, (1822-1901 Kenilworth) Greene
Winchel, Edwin  177th OVI Co. G, (1832-1907) Greensburg
Windram, Robert  105th OVI Co. I, (1826-1891 Center) Bloomfield
Winfield, William C.  41st OVI Co. F  (1844-1932) Warren
Wing, Joseph Knowles  Colonel, Chief QuarterMaster, U.S. Army,  post-war Ohio legislator (1810- 1898 Center) Bloomfield
Winnagle, Byron  171st OVI Co. A  (1842-1907 Oakwood) Cortland
Winterbauer, Martin  84th OVI Co. B,(1825 - 1901 Belmont Elm Sec.) Youngstown
Winters, Andrew J. 41st OVI Co. K, wounded at Shiloh, Stones River (1845-1933) W. Farmington
Winterstein, Manville E.  6th OVC Co. K, wounded at Culpepper, VA (1841 - 1917 Oakwood)
Wireman, Jesse  171st OVI Co. C, captured at Kellers Bridge, KY, (1834-1893 Center) Vienna
Wise, Archibald 7th OVI Co. H, (1838-1914 Cleveland)  Weathersfield
Wise, Elisha R.  7th PA Co. A, 11th PA Co. F, captured at 2nd Manassas, escaped, wounded at Gettysburg (1838-1924) Warren
Wise, Samuel J.  7th OVI Co. H  (b. 1842) Weathersfield
Wise, Solomon C.  2nd OVC Co. E, Sgt.  wounded at Five Forks  (1836 - 1881 Oakwood) Newton Falls
Wolcott, Addison L.  86th OVI Co. G, 171st OVI Co. H (d.1891 West) Farmington
Wolcott, Charles F.  6th OVC Co. D, Sgt.,(1841 - 1920 West) Farmington
Wolcott, Darwin B.  171st OVI Co. H,(d. 1947, Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA)Farmington
Wolcott, Harlan P.  19th OVI Co. C,Sgt., 41st OVI Co 1st Lt., wounded at Shiloh, wounded at Stones River, Lt. Col., U.S. Paymaster's Dept, (1839-1906 Garfield Cem, Garfield, KS)  Farmington
Wolcott, Henry G.  19th OVI Co. C, 2nd Lt., 2 OVC Co. D, 2nd Lt.,(1841-1925 Los Angeles Natl Cem) Farmington
Wolcott, Homer J.  2nd OVC Co. B, 196th OVI Co. D, (1836 - 1921 Greenlawn) Greensburg
Wolcott, Leander  171st OVI Co. H, (1845-k.1864 at Kellers Bridge, KY) Farmington
Wolcott, Lyman B. 171st OVI Co. H  (1825-1884 West)  Farmington
Wolcott, Lyman C.  2nd OVC Co. D, corporal, (1840 - 1900 West) Farmington
Wolcott, Marie Peabody  Nurse  (Greenlawn) Greene
Wolcott, Newton L. (Walcott) 105th OVI Co. B, (1842-1862 Mumfordsville, KY) Farmington
Wolcott, Philander  23rd OVI Co. B  (1830 - 1883 Greenlawn) Greene
Wolcott, Theodore S.  6th OVC Co. D (1825-1906 OK) Farmington
Wolcott, William  2nd OVC Co. D, QM Sgt. (1837-1921 West) Farmington
Wonders, George  171st OVI Co. F,  (1825-1898 Pine Knoll) Lordstown
Wonders, James M.  20th OVI Co. H,  Sgt. (1841-1913 Mercer Co. PA) Lordstown
Wood, Ansel  S. 171st OVI Co. F, corporal, captured at Kellers Bridge, KY, (1843-1903 Newton Falls East) Newton Falls
Wood, David B. 125th OVI Co. B, wounded (1835-1912 MO) Kinsman
Wood, David C. 23rd OVI Co. B (1837-1915 Stark Co.) Bristol
Wood, Eliab E.  171st OVI Co. F, (1847-1931) Newton Falls
Wood, George L.  125th OVI  Major, (1837-1867) Warren
Wood, James W.  7th PA Co. H, Church Hill
Wood, Josiah  6th OVC Co. D and G, Lt.,  wounded three times (1836-1926) Newton
Wood, Myron  11th VT Heavy Artillery. Sgt.  wounded at Opequen, VA  (d. 1921 Belmont) Liberty
Wood, S.L.  7th OVI Co. I, Niles
Wood, Sidney W. 9th MI Co. A, (1845-1906 Girard-Liberty Union)  Girard
Wood, William A.  124th OVI Co. D  Warren
Woodard, Jonah A.  171st OVI Co. F,  (Niles Union) Niles
Woodford, Lester   14th OH Battery, Mesopotamia, died May 2, 1862
Woodford, Marshall  40th WI Co. E, (1847-1895 Oakwood) Hartford
Woodford, Theophilus  56th PA Co. D (1836 - 1908 Niles Union)
Woodrow, Edward  171st OVI
Woodrow, Isaac N. 2nd OH Heavy Artillery Battery G  (1839 - 1917 Champion) Champion
Woodrow, John Q.  171st OVI Co. A  (d. 1867 MN)
Woodruff, Almon A.  29th OVI Co. A, Sgt.,  Triumph
Woodruff, Erastus Sr.  33rd IA Co. A, 2nd Lt., Captain (d. 1866 Grant Co. WI) Burghill
Woodruff, Orasnus  196th OVI Co. D,  Gustavus
Woods, Dallas K.  171st OVI Co. A  (1845-1896 Oakwood)
Woods, Lewis  7th OVI Co. I,  Niles
Woods, Rufus E.  125th OVI Co. B, Lt.  (d. 1913) Kinsman
Woods, Thomas L.  2nd OVC Co. C, Corporal (1840-1864 killed at Reams Station, VA) Kinsman
Woods, William E.  (1843 - 1896 Oakwood)
Woods, William E.  Trumbull Guards (1843-1896 Kyle)
Woodward, Jonah  171st OVI Co. F, wounded at captured at Kellers Bridge, KY
Woodward, Orlando M.  39th OVI Co. B, Musician (1847-1894 Center) Lordstown
Woodworth, Freeman R.  19th OVI Co. I, 196th OVI Co. D
Worrell, William  H. Quartermaster Dept, U.S. Army  Farmington
Worting, J.W.  57th IL Co. C, Cortland
Wortman, Henry B.  23rd OVI Co. D, (1843 - 1927 Newton Falls East)
Wortman, William  15th OH Battery  Champion
Wright, Amos 20th OVI Co. H (d. 1894 Oakwood) Warren
Wright, Eli  82nd OVI Co. K
Wright, Hiram D.  5th MI Co. D, (1844-1924 Braceville Cemetery)
Wyland, Jacob  46th PA Co. G, 84th OVI Co. C,  (1840-1909 West) Burghill